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A call out for Tyrant


"You play weird" It's called being unorthodox ;)
I also heard he doesn't play anymore...Should have challenged Billy or Slayer if they're going


"You play weird" It's called being unorthodox ;)
[QUOTEM NoBrows, post: 1587019, member: 28316"]He's playing from what I know. As of right now, he's in my pool[/QUOTE]
Cool, put on a show you guys!


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I respect the call out, but damn Tyrant is a machine. This must be streamed if it goes down Grundy mirrors are hype to watch.

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Supah hawt fiyah
How does Grundy mirrors play out ? Is it just "d2 grab" but you do the armor cancel walk grab and punish him?
You can't commit to anything until you hit them. Other than that it's a lot of WCC and MB trait. Grundy can punish all of grundy's wakeups easily. It'll be hype. But I don't think he does use his tym account often. Hopefully he sees it before. If not, I'll do the callout at Winter brawl


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It's weird, he's actually pretty bad at the Grundy mirror. You're better off calling out Slayer.