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By 9.95 on Apr 17, 2013 at 1:26 PM
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    I'm writing this because I've received more than a few requests for help regarding laying out buttons both on a Sanwa/Japanese style/American 6 button stick and for people attempting to adjust to playing on an MK style layout.

    Both sticks work very well in terms of button layout, but I've put some serious thought into button placement, and I've come up with PERSONAL favorites for each style stick.

    I believe these are intelligently designed with the greatest "ease of use" in mind. I believe it's always better to "work smarter, not harder", so these layouts are designed with that in mind... JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO... ESPECIALLY IF THERE'S AN EASIER OPTION!!!

    Of course, personal preference will ALWAYS prevail, and keep in mind that these are MY personal preferences...all I'm doing is passing on my personal preferences and findings to you.

    So lets start with the Basics, the buttons... I use universal notation for both (all 3) systems.

    1 - Light Attack
    2 - Medium Attack
    3 - Hard Attack
    P - Power
    MB - Meter Burn
    FS - Flip Stance
    INT - Interact
    THR - Throw

    Full Inputs for buttons that have macros(2 or more buttons bound to a single button)

    1+3 - Throw
    1+2+3 - Meter Burn
    1+2 - Interact
    2+3 - Flip Stance
    2+3+MB - Super

    On a technical level, Injustice REQUIRES the use of 5 buttons:
    1, 2, 3, P, and MB

    This is because the Super REQUIRES the use of both MB and FS to execute. Since the non-short cut version of MB (1+2+3) already contains the non-short cut input for FS (2+3), you can't simply input 1+2+3 and expect a super to come out...because 1+2+3 is MB, and a Super requires you to press MB and FS simultaneously. Due to this, Injustice requires the MB Button as a 5th gameplay button.



    I have pictures to make the transition easier and show you, in my opinion, what is the easiest to use layout. These layouts (for a Japanese OR American 6 button stick and for an MK Layout stick) maximize ease of use and minimize having to play a game of twister with your fingers to reach certain button combinations.

    My PERSONAL Button Layout for both stick styles


    One of the first things you'll notice is where I've placed MB on the MK stick. This is because it's where Block was, which is what was used for EX moves... making MB Moves in Injustice the same execution as MK9...just as you've been used to if you're using an MK Stick for Injustice.


    Here are the inputs (with a few explanations about WHY I do it this way AND where applicable, why I prefer to use a shortcut over a non-shortcut input)

    Throw on 6 Button - Notice how throw is done just as you'd be used to doing it in a recent Capcom/SF Game? Just like 3s and AE!!!


    Throw on MK Layout - Notice that if you never used a throw button in MK9, this makes throw IDENTICAL to MK9!!!


    Meter Burn - 6 Button - No Shortcut


    Meter Burn - 6 Button - Shortcut



    Meter Burn MK - No Shortcut


    Meter Burn MK - Shortcut



    Flip Stance - This is really an unnecessary button EXCEPT when you're doing a super(sort of, I'll explain later in the Super input section). Just like MK9, I'm not sure why anyone would use this button in gameplay for anything other than aesthetics.

    Again, not sure why anyone would use it, but if you're going to, just hit the FS Button, it's easier.



    Interact - 6 Button - No shortcut

    I THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND USING THIS INPUT INSTEAD OF THE SHORTCUT. The shortcut requires the use of an 8 button stick and requires you to either have big hands or otherwise REALLY have to reach to hit that Interact button.


    MK Interact - No Shortcut

    If you've noticed, there is no Interact button on the MK layout. Again, it's pretty easy to just press 1+2 to use it, and as you'll see in the inputs for the Super, you need the buttons the way they are in the diagram.



    6 button - No Shortcut

    I personally prefer this input because I don't have to slide my hands AT ALL to press all 3 buttons. If you notice, 2+3 = FS, and we're hitting MB at the same time... so FS + MB = Super!


    While My PERSONAL preference is to hit all 3 buttons because I don't have to move my hands, the shortcut input is TOTALLY viable and just as easy. It's personal preference, that's all.


    The MK layout is funny. In this case I COMPLETELY RECOMMEND THE SHORTCUT. Take a look at how you'll mangle your fingers trying to do the non-shortcut method.




    So there you have it. This is my PERSONAL layout for each stick. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Discussion in 'Gameplay Topics' started by 9.95, Apr 17, 2013.

    1. TakeAChance
      My name is TakeAChance and I condone this message. (I use the exact same layout as his first one)

      The man knows what he is talking about!
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    2. Mikemetroid
      I use this layout

      L M H CT
      MB S T FLIP

      your 4 fingers and your thumb are all on the buttons you need. This is a very relaxing way to play because you won't get your self all lost in the stick for the inputs..

      kind of like home keys on a keyboard.
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    3. 1man3letters
      yep,same here also :)
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    4. Ninj
      9.95 this is great. Awesome post, as I'm still tinkering with my personal layout on my hitbox.

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    5. 9.95
      Yeah, it's all personal preference as I said. Whatever is comfortable for you. I just don't like to contort my hands to hit certain buttons so this is why these layouts work for me.
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    6. Dizzy
      I am personally probably going to end up using 7 buttons in this game. Both this and MK seem to not like accepting 1+3. Which is why I started using the throw button in MK and I think I will in Injustice as well.

      So i'll probably go:
      1 2 throw interact
      3 4 mb flip

      With never using the flip button yet using my pinky for interact. Interact button seems important since if you mistime using the interact button, nothing happens, yet if you mistime pressing 1+2 you whiff a normal which could have some bad consequences.
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    7. 9.95
      Yeah, again, as I said in my original post... it's all personal preference. I really haven't had an issue with multiple button inputs, so that is why I prefer those layouts.

      That said, those who CAN easily use all 8 buttons... that's awesome!
    8. LAGalactico
      Nice thready, I like your use of pictures to demonstrate the layouts.

      I personally use:
      1 2 3 Int
      Mb CT FS
      I like having 1 2 3 on the top, just doesn't feel right for me having 3 below 1.
    9. Rabid Justice
      Rabid Justice
      dont forget to change your set up to controlls to alternate. this will give you street fighter input. it will also let you input a back/ forword + 1,2 or 3 move from crouch
    10. Dizzy
      Btw, upon further testing, an interact button is needed, literally.

      You cannot cancel into roundhouse kick interactables from strings using 1+2. You must use the interact button. This is all stages but you can see it on the Wayne Manor fountain, Atlantis throne, etc.

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    11. Stchamps
      L M H
      T Mb I

      I like having my thumb on the trait button. It makes executing Batman's bats sooooo much easier when I'm charging in or doing a combo.
    12. REDRUM
      Thanks Phil
    13. Hitoshura
      Been using this layout since day 1. The 9.95 layout is the best layout for stick in IGAU
    14. Justice
      Excellent write-up Phil! I personally use the default 1 layout on my HitBox, but if there comes a time where that's not good enough, this is the first place I'm coming to :D
    15. dsinnie
      i am using

      1 2 3
      P INT MB

      It makes it feel like blazblue to me.

      it makes throw a bit weird but, super comes out if you hit the end 4 buttons.
    16. shaowebb
      This thread is pure gold. Can it somehow be double stickied? Make it the first thing EVERY website sees? I'd like to send this to neogaf for their OT and credit you man. 9.95
    17. Slamtastic
      L M H MB

      Can we please petition NRS to patch it so L+M+H works as pushblock/wager, and supers can be done with L+M+H+P?

      Edit: Also the interact combination not working the same way, and the all needing to be done on the same frame, without a window like other games 2 button commands.
    18. shaowebb
      Linked Ryce on Neogaf and I posted a link to this thread there. He's gonna add your work to the OT and give credit to you 9.95

      Great work man. You're helping a lot of folks.
    19. TAS_DASH
      I use

      Like in Mortal hit all three bottom buttons to do x-ray/super. 1+3 to grab. It takes a little getting used to, but easiest on the fingers. I play tekken so reaching away for MB is just like reaching away for tag assault. The 1,2,3 and CT are all close in proximity. It works well once you break the control style of the demo.
    20. Kelter Skelter
      Kelter Skelter
      This is almost exactly how I set the controls for mine day 1. Either way thanks a lot for posting i'm sure it'll help people out. I know i was googling like a mad man day 1 trying to figure out how to do it before i just made it up.
    21. Reptile Orion
      Reptile Orion
      Informative advice my friend. I'm still trying to finalize my layout (outside of L M H) and this will help out quite a bit. I'm an old Street Fighter guy so I prefer L M H up top. But this thread should give me some clarity on the other buttons.
    22. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      This is definitely very helpful. I finally decided on the following layout:

      1 2 P I
      3 M F T

      Throw, to me, is a useless button. I'm a Tekken player primarily, so using 1+3 to throw is second nature. Flip is also a useless button TO EVERYONE, but I use it to trigger super along with Meter Burn. So from my layout, I can easily Meter Burn all my moves, as that button is near all 3 attack buttons. I also had block mapped at that location for MK9, as well, for that very same reason. I can also easily trigger supers by hitting MB+FL.
    23. ZeroSuitify
      Currently using
      1 2 3
      CT Int MB

      It seems kind of awkward but to me it's not. Throw is kind of weird but it's adjustable. Plus, no I'm not a marvel player I just like the setup for it.

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    24. dodgers2213
      1 3 Int
      2 MB P
      Top two buttons for throws

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