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95% Hit combo with Kung Lao

I just did it, and i missed my FINAL SPIN for a full 100% im pisssssseeeeeeeeeeed. Anyone else do this? Getting a large combo and fucking up the very last part. :(
I wish I was taping the other day because the strangest thing happened. I was playing with Sektor and the opponent chose Kung Lao. He juggled me from far right all the way to the left side with the dive kick without touching the ground once. It did about 30% damage altogether. He never touched the ground.
i love to do this lao´s combo ^_^ in trilogy is more faster and more coolest ^_^ but in umk3 i love the sound of the buttons and the sound of the stick is like music xD chachachacha (8)
Hey LI, if you're on later we can start up a VERSUS match and you can use me as a guinea pig.

I'd love to see a 100% combo in person. Maybe you could give me a few pointers.


I have lost some matches where the big combo was a bulk of the comeback. An example of someone else screwing up big combo, recently I was playing a match as Human Smoke vs a Kung Lao player and was caught in a spin inf early on that they botched eventually in the corner, when the spin missed I got HK, LP, JK, TP, spear, 3 hit, relaunch 3 hit, JK, RH, run in LK in corner for 74%, basically evened the match out but I still lost since I was at danger. I tried to go for a break in the relaunch because it would have been 100% =)
in my oppinion combos ARE good but if some one is useing combos over tactics then more than likely their gona loose. of course i cant say the same for people who use infinits