9-1s do exist in this game

Discussion in 'Kabal' started by REO, May 12, 2012.

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    You're not wrong, but you're not right either, it's not a black and white argument. Whilst I can accept your view that good balance can increase character exposure and make a game more interesting, I personally find it much more hype to see a low-tier character battle their way up to the top. In a recent 3S SBO qualifier, the top 4 had Sugiyama's Necro and Hige's Ibuki up there with Haitani's Makoto and Nuki's Chun. That was insanely hype for the exact reason I'm talking about. Same with SBO3 when Kuroda and Hayao took Q and Hugo to the semis.
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    I will.But I play kabal and baraka and baraka and some kabal.I have anti-techs on that match up that people haven't seen.
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    Kind of hard to tell via text, especially when you put a sad face:( lol.

    The thing is, I believe ALL characters can win even in an unbalanced game, I'm a champion of it, people who see my usual posts in my respective character forums I'm always crusading for my characters to be able to beat anybody if the player is skilled enough. It's the player that matters the most.

    I'll have to watch these matches via youtube if available.

    Additionally, I don't proclaim to be right guys, I'm just expressing my thoughts on what would be better for the game.

    I appreciate the positive real world examples of it being done in unbalanced games though, that's awesome to me:).

    I'm not arguing that the game is terrible and unfun now, it's less fun and intriguing for me at high level, I don't speak for everyone.

    The community is dropping their characters in droves obviously people don't feel they can compete with their characters in this game...that's a huge part of what I'm ranting about, but the amount of people I play and talk to who no longer play their mains or barely play them ever now and picked up Lao, Cage, Kenshi, etc because they don't feel like they can compete otherwise in this game is astounding....it's not fun to fight the same four characters even in casuals where there's nothing at stake.

    Any character can win even in an unbalanced game, but we need people to actually support these characters.

    I'd love to put my characters on the map, but I'm not good enough to win a major.

    I'm not here to proclaim I'm right...or that this is a black and white issue, opinions can't be black or white anyway.
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    Haha, thus why IRL situations still >>>>>> the internet. :)
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    PM me, I have probably heard them before lol. Maybe I havent though.
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    Agreed dude. I use characters because I like them, and don't give a shit where they happen to fall in the tierlists.

    Regarding the 3S matchvideos:

    Hayao's Hugo at SBO3:

    Kuroda's Q at SBO 2o09 (if my memory is correct):
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  8. Even in a 9-1 matchup you can still win if you play it right.

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