9-1s do exist in this game

Discussion in 'Kabal' started by REO, May 12, 2012.

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    I wish I mained a Shokan character so I could give this thread four thumbs down.
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    Is this really a shocker that Kano, Noob and Sheeva get bodied by Kabal? I'm sorry to be Mr.Negative but these characters suck ass against the majority of the cast. If anything, NRS fucked up by making Noob, Kano and Sheeva overly shitty, not by making Kabal good.

    Freddy > Kano
    Kenshi > Noob
    Sheeva = Sheeva. She just gets destroyed.

    NRS essentially replaced these shitty characters with FAR better designed DLC after castrating Kano and having a horrible character design for Noob and Sheeva from the get go. Why people even invest 5 minutes into these characters these days baffles me, and if anything, it proves how fantastic GGA Jeremiah is as a player. Imagine if he played a character that can actually compete and not get bodied by the vast majority of the cast?

    Noob, Kano, Jade and Sheeva need serious overhauls in the next installment but playing these characters is torture; why people do it is beyond me. You know they suck, I know they suck, we all know they suck. Keep Kabal as is in the next installment, I'm serious. Just have them put more thought into the design of these other characters next time around.

    These threads are just redundant, it's common knowledge that these characters suck. You don't see them played in tournaments because their horrific, their representatives pull their hair out on a daily basis, etc. Why can't we just label them as non-viable? Every FG has non-viable characters; why should MK be exempt?
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    You know, I'm glad that the infinites were removed and vanilla Kung Lao was made to be not 100% brainless. But at the same point, I hate patches, because it always comes back to this discussion of "This character needs this, etc etc. He sucks!" Well don't play them, then! NRS aren't going to patch them at this point. The best you can hope for is that they'll be properly designed in the next installment. At the end of the day, it's a video game, is it really worth investing multiple hours a day into getting pissed off at his bad these non-viable characters suck?

    If you insist on playing them, then accept that they're not very good and have loads of problems. I play Quan here and there, I know that he has problems, I've stopped complaining about his faults and have simply accepted it. You want a character that fairs well against the majority of the cast? Learn Kabal. He's readily available to everyone that plays MK. It's so redundant, everyone could've learned Kabal at this point if you focused your attention into learning a known viable character as opposed to focusing on buff/nerf threads that you know NRS aren't going to respond to at this point, you all could've leveled up and found every little fault with Kabal and how to beat him/play him. But no, it's this constant redundant cycle of insanity.
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    So you're saying there's a chance
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    Kabal vs Kabal is 7-3
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    The Old MK Games had shit like this too. All good.
  9. I agree

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  10. this board is going to shit. if i want to hear about numbers in a game, ill play Sudoku, not Mortal Kombat.
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  11. Dude I play kano and fight a Kabal every week. If anything it's in kanos favor. Have fun with all those NDC
    Dammit reo why you gotta lead sheep off a cliff?
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    kano is worse than noob overall but I feel that the kano vs kabal matchup is not as bad as the noob vs kabal matchup

    get at me
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    Kabal def. isn't braindead. I like playing with almost anyone in this game. Thats the appeal of mk over other fighters for me. 9-1 match ups? No problem. I usually use Skarlet or Ermac against my friend's Kabal (and he's good, he's got iagb's and ndc's down), I'll try out csub and see how tedious it is. Yea I'm a random, but I don't give a F&*(%. If one of the 3 sheeva mains in the world takes on Reo then we can see what a slaughter is really is.
  14. To give you people an idea, Yun (pre nerf) vs Dhalsim was supposed to be a 9-1.

    This is what a 9-1 (or maybe 8-2) looks like.

    (The video should start around the 21 minute mark).


    Yes, the Yun is Daigo but if you start the video from the beginning you can see how Daigo's supposedly better character Ryu fares against the same Dhalsim.

    Is there really any matchup in MK9 which is as one sided as the Yun - Dhalsim matchup? I think not.
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    I just changed my MU chart for Sheeva to have one 2-8. That is vs. Kitana.


    I just read the original post and see it regarded Sheeva lol. If Reo says Kabal vs. Sheeva is 9-1 I respect that. I am just not there yet. I have the match at 6-4 Kabal as of now. I might change that to a 7-3 Kabal very soon. If I happen to get the misfortune of facing Reo at UFGT8 I will still use Sheeva against him because as of now I feel that will be my best chance to win. That might mostly be because my other characters are still so new to me but who knows they might be ready to go in 2 weeks but probably not.
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  16. Ok so what is the matchup in your opinion 7/3 Cage?
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    I main Stryker, and I think it's a 6-4, possibly even a 5-5. People underestimate Stryker's in-close pressure, he can easily keep Cage out (red kick is not that scary), and Stryker builds a lot of meter.

    In other words, fighting Cage with Stryker hardly worries me.
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    Man this game needs a fix, i was analyzing some matchups through the whole cast, i found a match that is worse than 9-1 dude.
    this match involves kenshi being the dominant character, this match could even get worse than 10-0 going to the 12-(-2) and beyond negatives. I wont disclose the name of the affected character on this matchup so feelings are not hurt, i know a lot of people on this forums love this character and might, trash the game more, quit the game or commit suicide.
    please understand this is only a game, noone on this community wants to see in the news someone died because of this game matchup chart, i will reveal who this character is when MK10 comes out, i'm doing this for your own wellness.
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    It's okay. They will have no reason to commit suicide when Kabal is available for them as a secondary. Kabal is the cure to the blind one.

    As Riu48 once said; "6-4 Kabal".
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    Buff the low tiers leave everyone else alone.

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  21. It's sheeva lmao
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    stryker has too much armor and can gunshot cage for days til he gets in if he tries to red kick stryker could guncancel switchstance block and punish him he gets xray very easy and that is cages nightmare. that being said the match is still 6-4 cage and maybe 6.5-5.5 on the pit stage. cage can hit stryker out of armored moves with 11f1 and 21f2 sometimes and he is devastating once he gets in and especially when he corners stryker. but this thread is about how OP KABAL is not Cage, Cage definitely has no 8-2 or 9-1s so GTFO with cage beats stryker 9-1
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    Lol I like your clues highlighted. Except it can't be against Kenshi. I feel that MU is Sheeva advantage.
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    The only 9-1 i know of is Kenshi vs Kabal (Kenshi favor) cause Kenshi is #1
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    9-1 MU's ? Thats some big talk right here.
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