7 Years of Salt (A Netherrealm Studios Time Capsule)

Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by UGL Preon, May 2, 2018.

By UGL Preon on May 2, 2018 at 7:00 AM
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    Hey guys, sometimes when you get bored and see your hard drive filled with many old streams/videos/sets etc. You come to realize that a lot of this never went public. So what do we do with that found knowledge? Assemble a lot of funny rage quits, salt, and anger into one massive video. This was originally... 3 hours so we cut it down to just the highlights and even that almost pulled an hours length. Without further ado, Seven Years of Salt!

    Its been a fun seven years and hopefully we can all enjoy seven more at least. Also video quality may vary, some of this stuff was recorded back in 2011 on a Dazzle or a Roxio vid cap. Quality was maaad suspect.​
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Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by UGL Preon, May 2, 2018.

    1. Wigy
      Was guna see if my rage towards hellsparks made it in.

      Sounding like an angry mongolian throat singing after getting hit by d4 hellsparks for the 38th time a game.
    2. UGL Preon
      UGL Preon
      Lol. It happened to all of us, but in this compilation these are only matches I recorded. If I did it for the whole community this would be part 1 of 840,289. And I don’t have them type of man hours lol
    3. Wigy
      Xbox live had a player on mk9

      Guy would go sheeva, scream about your mother in loose english the entire time and even if you won would message.

      'haha you eaaasy 823-0 every time hahah fk your mother and sister'

      bunch of people on here knew about him cant remember his name

      Also serato? Would go lao and nothing but salt and then he glitched his way to #1 on leaderboard.
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    4. UGL Preon
      UGL Preon
      The fact that people would legit just "farm" eachother to get top of the leaderboard for HOURS, was mind boggling to me. I don't even think they went to tournaments, so what did it matter? Lol

      Also I might of played that dude that talks about "moms" but I think that guy was just trolling and was never too serious about his salt.
    5. Wigy
      That serato guy had some bizarre glitch where the match would start below the arena and then end and he'd get the win.

      But yeah the Sheva guy was a bizarre Russian troll I think
    6. ChatterBox
      haha the fact that the first Inj2 one was that poser made me laugh so hard it hurt

      good vid!
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    7. UGL Preon
      UGL Preon
      The Legend Never Ends. Lol
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    8. Barrogh
      40 minutes of ragequits, holy shit.
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    9. UGL Preon
      UGL Preon
      It would've been longer but we had to make some cuts haha.
    10. MKF30
      Holy crap that's long..lol
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    11. MKF30
      Nice video man, I hope they bring this back but with an update before they leave instead of their head's exploding have them literally run off the screen screaming like a little girl lol. Something newer but hilarious.
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    12. Barrogh
      Lol, I'm sold.
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    13. MKF30
    14. UGL Preon
      UGL Preon
      Thanks. And as for that idea of them running screaming. Im all in!
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    15. MKF30
      You're welcome, and thanks lol.
    16. QueenOmega
      If we can stop trying to be insulting by calling people girls, I'm in with the idea.
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    17. MKF30
      ???? Wasn't trying to be "insulting" it was just an example, can we just laugh at an idea without going all SJW on people?
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    18. QueenOmega
      So "running like a Little girl" didn't have any despective tone whatsoever? Ok. And you know, ideas stop being fun after you read the same shit over and over. Keep your "sjw" agenda bullshit to yourself, thank you.
    19. Marinjuana
      This might be a tough one to swallow but as it turns out, little girls scream sometimes

      Source: I saw it in a movie one time
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    20. QueenOmega
      And Little boys. And men. And women. Saying "like a Little girl" is trying to insult comparing you to, well, a Little girl. You know it, I know it, he knows it.
      If you want to hear a man screaming, you just gotta see me after losing 3 rankeds in LOL.
    21. Marinjuana
      Yea but little girls scream in high pitched voices like little girls
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    22. New York Pizza
      New York Pizza
      You didn't quote him correctly.

      He didn't explicitly call them "girls."

      He said "Screaming like a little girl"

      Screaming is a sound. He's using a metaphor comparing the sound they make to that of little girls. Little girls definitley scream.

      Exhibit A: My sister when she was 5. Her screaming could shatter glass.
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    23. MKF30
      No, it didn't. I didn't insult women or girls if you actually read what I said properly, ever heard of a metaphor? An example? Description? Notice you're the only person here crying about it. You know what stops being fun when everyone else loves the joke and that one person gets anal over everything. I'm not bsing myself but pretty sure nobody here cares for people bitching over being overly PC over something incredibly trivial. You also misread what I said again, I said you're the one going all SJW on me for no reason, in case you didn't notice I don't give two shits for SJW or Feminist nonsense. You're the one with the agenda or you wouldn't be going nuts over this right now.

      Would it make you feel better if I used the term "little child" or would the term "child" be insulting to you too?
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    24. LiangHuBBB
      400+ RQs and 200+ hatemails, that's what Ive received in 7 years of playing NRS games.
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