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Video/Tutorial 63% 2 Bar Black Adam (Hard to Block)

Sup guys, found a very damaging corner combo with black adam, that works on all characters (catwoman, nightwing, and a few need some micro-adjustments, but it works too there).

63% for 2 bars, 59% with just one. Here it is:

Inputs are B2, Insta J1xxMB FAR Dive, NJ3xxDive, NJ1xxFAR Dive, 11xxMB Lightning Storm

If you don't MB lightning storm, then it's 59%. Alternatively, you can get 59% by doing 11xxBlackMagic b23u2+3 after NJ3 Dive

On Lex Luthor, you can get 65% by ending with 112 MB lightning storm


This might look impractical, but if B2 is blocked, the InstaJ1 comes a LOT easier.

This is what happens on block. VERY Difficult to block, even if they see it coming.

As you can see, all the pressure jails, or else martian would have stopped blocking low, and the instant j1 and s1 would have whiffed.
After the blocked MB Dive, B2, D3, and throw are almost all guaranteed

The MB Far Dive kick will cross up and lead to a full combo too.
You can choose to MB Close Dive Kick to not cross up, making it a true 50/50

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Any questions, just DM me or post in the thread!
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