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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mortal Kombat with tabmok99


Confused Thanagarian
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New year, new tabmok99 video. This time, the classic Mortal Kombat guru is taking a look at five things everyone always gets wrong about the series. Including you. Yeah. You.

There's some niche facts in here and some more broad ones for you casual scrubs who think you know a thing about Mortaling some Kombat (like me). I'm proud to say at least I knew what the deal was with five and three, so that should get me brownie points, right? Anywhos, this one is a shorter video so go give it a quick watch and let us know which ones got you. Or if you have some Mortal Kombat corrections you want to throw out to people yourself. Or if you are just having a good day and want to talk.



F*ck Mournful
I love stuff like this. I knew about Daniel Pesina doing the Bloodstorm thing, but not the specifics, and I had no idea about Shang Tsung being played by two people in MK1! Great video! ^^

Whoops, wrote MK11. Meant MK1. :p
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