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Discussion in 'Rain' started by SektorCyrax, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. is this rains bnb?

    j/p 43~waterbubble 43~roundhouse 43~lightning dash 4~geyser kick - 45%

    or am i missing something
  2. YougotCaged1

    YougotCaged1 Banned

    Thats very good. I usually use JIP~4~Roundhouse~43~Bubble(put them just in front of you)~43~lightning~3~water stream
    Or 43~lightning~43~roundhouse~43~water stream. I prefer to end most of my combos with the water stream to keep them standing.
  3. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    hard to hit confirm the 4,3.

    honestly, he has like 8 million variations of a BnB. You have to be good at exRoundhouse variations along with mixing in the b2,1+2 overhead.

    if you do land the hip... i'd say yes to your no meter destroyer.
  4. yeah i usually use 43 lightning 43 roundhouse 43 water stream too but was jus messing around in practice with him and found that one lol..its pretty devastating but hard to his the 43 roundhouse after the water bubble
  5. yeah thats what im saying, i can hit confirm the 43 pretty easily, its just the 43 roundhouse after the water bubble i have trouble with but getting more consistent at it. yeah i kno his exroundhouse, roundhouse mind games :) just hate searching through loads of forums for his BnB, ya kno? i think b2 1+2 is garbage honestly, any good player is going to fuzzy gaurd that shit. even after multiple b2 3's lol

    but yeah if i do get lucky with a b2 1+2 my combo is

    j/p b2 1+2 b2 1+2 43~waterbubble 43~lightning roundhouse kick 4~geysey kick (or squirtle sprayer) for about 39% i believe.
  6. Cburnham81

    Cburnham81 Noob

    I use:
    jip < 43 < bubble < 2 < roundhouse < 43 < lightning < 43 < water stream for 42%

    Its 3% less but...Its a hell of alot easier to connect the 2 into the roundhouse instead of the 43 into roundhouse
  7. RemyLogan

    RemyLogan Noob

    I do the same thing, when I lab it up, I can consistently do the 45%, not the case when playing online so I use 2 after bubble. What I hate still though is roundhouse to 43 isn't always consistent because the enemy goes right through you even though you know for certain that the timing is perfect.
  8. my BnB with rain is JIP - 4,3 waterbubble move the water bubble as high as you can, and so that the outside edge of the bubble aligns with rains head, backwards uppercut, dash, 4,3, lightning, roundhouse (wait like a second), 4,3 squirt gun. i cant remember the exact damage, but its somewhere around 50% meterless, but im sure its higher than 45%. landing the combo after the backwards uppercut takes a bit of practice, but online i can land this combo 98% of the time plus an uppercut in a combo is awfully flashy :)

    i havent seen how much damage 3 enhanced bars would do though (or 2, rather. can someone clarify wtf ex water bubble does?). the only thing is a lot of my combos i only do for damage output, not setups or etc.. but geyser kick as an ender is horrible for any setups afaik (maybe tele afterwards for some chip damage?), i'd much rather go with the squirt gun
  9. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    that's my BnB. I think its his most damaging one midscreen without boosts or uppercuts
  10. B2 1+2 really isn't that good. It's so ridiculously easy to fuzzy guard that it's not a viable mixup. I don't know why so many people rely on this.
  11. xZEPPELIx

    xZEPPELIx Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Cause its better than NOT using it. Just another thing that the opponent has to look-out for. I dont think it should be your go to move, but there is a reason why guys like CD jr use it a lot.
  12. b2 1+2 being amazing has nothing to do with the overhead. it has RIDICULOUS range. Almost Jade range. On top of that it advances you so far forward. It can make people claustrophobic and want to jump away

    its also a very easy way to hit-confirm even though the damage isn't superb

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