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30th Anniversary MK Cabinet from Arcade1up

Kiss the Missile

Red Messiah

Its going to include MK1, MK2, MK3 and UMK3 all with online play, along with 10 other Midway arcade games.
I already have the MK2 style A1up cabinet, but I might have to get this because god damn does that MK1 panel art pop so much


SKYPE: igotbass
We have been without a classic online release now for over a decade and all they have to do is just release it on the consoles, super easy minimal work involved. But we get a 30th cab that the avg joe cannot afford or will not buy, rather than just a simple rerelease so the 100000s of players can just play the game normally. Sorry to rant just sucks as a player not to have the ability to play due to clear lack of support in its most minimal form.