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2019 UMK3 Tier List Discussion


I hope that putting UMK3 on a FBA emulator wouldnt be like turn water into wine lol
I don't think there's any magic. I think it cuts into the framerate to make the game feel more responsive, then if the delay is too high the game feels like its running at 15fps, and characters are just warping around.


It was on FBA before but I don't think it had much development. A lot of new development happened recently after the license split when Neo came out
I'll look for them, but there are videos showing gameplay on FB Neo. It looks decent.


It was developed:



Still isnt good enough, framerate isnt the right one. The sounds goes to slow down to speed up and some other issue. Back then it didnt have audio, worst framerate, bad resolution and graphics partially emulated


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Man sonya was pretty beastly in umk3, I'd always think twice about jumping at her because of her AA bicycle kick