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20% Off MK11 (PC/Steam)

While PC players have to live with knowing PC will never be the tournament standard for the FGC, they can at least get sweet deals on Mortal Kombat 11. If you haven't grabbed it yet, pretty good deal on a brand new title from a legit source.

For the PC folks

Standard Edition: $47.99
Premium Edition: $79.99


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Wow, thought for sure this is a scam but it's totally legit. I love newegg! Just saved $12 on my pre-order. Thanks for the tip, @Cheesus !


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Thanks to this thread I went to the store website I bought MK11 and searched for gift coupons and got a 10% deal, plus the deal of buying it with a credit card and boom, 22% descount :p


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I already have the game, but I have a couple of friends who'll be happy to see this. Thanks!


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Am I really about to get two versions of this game...

I just wish there was a damn PC beta so I could at least see it’s a solid port. They have a bad track record.

I already have the game, but I have a couple of friends who'll be happy to see this. Thanks!
You got MK11 early lol?


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Not for Germany. But I'm getting it for the PS4, so it doesn't matter to me. What bothers me however, is that there is still no physical Premium Edition available in Germany. What is going on D:


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Thanks for promoting the post @HellblazerHawkman.

Newegg and CDkeys are legit. I usually get my PSN Plus codes from cdkeys.com (1yr is $45 right now btw).

Currently, the deal at Newegg is better.
This is amazing.

I feel like my parents when I teach them something about the internet.


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If only they released actual footage of how it plays on PC and how content will he release m(will patches and DLC be the same day as console? Later? Earlier?).


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I'd probably only buy the standard version. Every NRS game has an unlocker to unlock the DLC/Gear.