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Breakthrough 1F2 allows dashing crossup in the corner. Devastating mixups.


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Against high hitbox characters, 1F2 allows a dash and crossup B2 everytime. It has to be blocked forward.

for example -

B12D3, CS+1, F2 UpWhip, 1F2 - dash B2

With a MB dash it works the same. Since we're not actually passing to the other side, we are kept with our corner positioning. So to escape they must:

- not block low
- realize that a crossup is coming without you ever jumping over
- not block back (must block forward)
- input a wakeup in reverse

If they learn to block forward, dashing into a MB F3 hits from the original side so they would walk right into it. Wakeups have to be inputted in reverse, which will hit you out of the B2. But they have to realize that this crossup is coming after your dash, but you could easily just dash into MB F3 which would cause their reverse wakeup to be wrong.

With medium/small characters, this doesn't work too well because the dash B2 passes over them, and will regularly end with you just landing on the other side whiffing and now you're in the corner.

HOWEVER, (and here's the good stuff) from a MB dash combo into 1F2 knockdown, dashing into the opponent actually allows you to pass through their body to the other side. No normals are required, just dash. From this, B2 has to be inputted backwards, because you're passing through, but it'll just fly over them. This means that we can do a MB F3...FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THEIR BODY. (this does not work on high hitbox characters. For them , you use the dash B2.(

Now we're doing a non-jumping crossup that takes away even the option of them waking up in reverse. They'll have to start blocking forward no matter what. So her corner mixup game, from the ground, is now low, overhead, dash overhead, dash crossup overhead.

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I didn't know the b2 was character specific because when I was doing it with deathstroke I did it sometimes and mess up sometimes. I didn't bother to go deep into it. Now. It's quite useful because I didn't know it was character specific. Nice find going deep into the 1f2 forward b2 character specific.

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sorry to be a party pooper but didn't krayzie post about this exact thing a little while back? I'll try and find a link.


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sorry to be a party pooper but didn't krayzie post about this exact thing a little while back? I'll try and find a link.

I tried looking for it... Like I said, the dash B2 crossup i believe has been known. But I'm not aware of anyone talking about being able to dash through them into a reverse F3.

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Good video. I think the cross up b+2 against big characters is great. In my experience, based on trying that similar Krayzie set up, the opponent can see that you've dashed over them. With this f+3 the opponent has to block the other way? Like even if they see you dash over?


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Nice stuff on that Big Hitbox crossover, I don't know why I never thought of that.

I've always hated the big characters because I couldn't use my cross over shenanigans against them. Who knew B2 was it. :p

I did however abuse the body-phase through against normal hitbox characters. This is the reason "Ferris Aircraft" is one of my favorite levels with Catwoman. I get a projectile on the right, and when I corner my opponent on there, I can crossover missle, and still have the corner-interact advantage.

I was about to post this link.

Under_The_Mayo - You should check that link out, the crossover F3 is pretty legit in the corner.