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Match Footage 12th Level Intellect - Injustice 2 Analysis Series (vs. vBloodCry) [How to Analyze Match Footage]

12th Level Intellect - Injustice 2 Analysis Series (vs. vBloodCry)

Ever wonder why you've been playing hundreds of hours but are still stuck, hit a plateau or haven't seen improvement? A large part of the reason why is the majority of the player base (yes this includes you...) does not analyze match footage. Analyzing match footage is one of the best and fastest ways to improve, as you quickly will see all the mistakes you have made, lack of knowledge on specific frame data, missed punishes, and also will expose what situational awareness you have.

This is a new series I am doing personally for myself to help improve in Injustice 2. If the reception is good enough, I also plan on doing this for MK11 as well. I love Injustice 2 a lot so that's why I'm doing this here.

Also keep in mind, I make a lot of mistakes in this video as well. When it comes to analyzing match footage, it's important to go into practice mode and recreate these situations also. This is how you improve.
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