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Tech 11 string is +6 on hit

Eddy Wang

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Apparently 11 string is +6 on hit, if you land one, Green Arrow can do some stuff with it.

- You get to set up a very ambiguous crossup which can be canceled on the the way up, top of the axis or with "From Above", you continue with a J3 all the way behind forcing them to block.
They way to escape the crossup is by dashing forward, or MB B3 on a small window if they're paying attention to it.
Aquaman can carefully time a B3 to Whiff punish the crossup.

-You can cancel 11 into load arrow, which is safe, and allows you to blow up the next opponent move with a MB B3/f3 on a good read in case you sense someone will try to poke out, supers can't blow you out, or 6 frames moves either.

-You can also D1~Ice Arrow/Savage Blast/Hurricane bow, which the D1 has to be blocked, they can't super, or MB moves, they can't back dash the D1 either.

-You can Grab in case they respect the D1 instead by blocking.
- You can do F2d13 blockstring but be careful, they can back dash and whiff punish.

- You can also do the 11 string again, or 113, it may catch them off guard or trying to back dash it, and you can set up another combo from it.

I would like you guys to dig up a bit in this reset and see what you guys can come up with, an extra eye would be nice before i consider this useful. Who can blow it up, and what are the best position to take on this reset.

I've tested against Supes and Aquaman in order to compare some stuff, Aquaman's AA trades with the J3, but he can just B3 on a good window and whiff punish the J3, maybe before GA being able to block.

I'm thiking more on the corner initially, but midscreen also seems to be good, i haven't tested in match yet.

Thoughs after test pls

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good write up man, when i get home I'll work with this on the weekend,

I've also been messing with 33~Arrow(cancel the arrow with forward dash) on block. I think there might be something here.

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After Ice arrow if I want to get that situation I normally do F2 to get that advantage. But 11 does leave them kloser.

I think this is good since it allows for the grab mix up without having to walk up. But as always, ending in this sacrifices damage.

I think F2 is better overall since a follow up F2 kan't be backdashed, but for characters that kan't backdash it (like Green Lantern) this will be better.

I think we should take note of which characters kan backdash F2D13 after 11. I think it'll be a short list but this helps.

Edit: Actually upon testing, they kan't really backdash. And I just remembered why I used F2. The spacing on F2 allows for the sweep to be safe though, allowing for 50/50's with B2. Still this isn't that good since doing the normal kombo does more damage than this plus the sweep.


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I'll check it out when I get home as well. From just looking at it though, it seems like it would be a sick corner set-up / head fake as you could do 1,1 off an ice arrow to try and set up a 50/50 in to a big corner combo + super reset.


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dude i have developed my whole GA game around the reset, ive typed it up and was gonna keep it a secret till after my tourney but i will go into it now. i will make a thread as there is a TON of information that i have tested and feel that the GA peeps need to know or at least know the options.

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I believe a raw jumping 1 or maybe 2 leads to the most frame advantage. It staggers them back slightly and gives you even more time to do something. it's good to use in the same situations as 11 like after a freeze arrow ender.

I was trying to figure out ways to get guaranteed pressure after loading an ice arrow. You can only get 1 loop if you land a raw combo into a juggle and end with ice arrow, load ice and f2 mix up with ice.