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General/Other - Lackey 10-4-16 Patch Notes


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So here's the listed changes for Ferra/Torr

  • Ferra/Torr - reduced the blockstun of Ferra Toss by 10 frames and reduced the pushback
  • Ferra/Torr (Ruthless) -
  • Ferra/Torr (Vicious) -
  • Ferra/Torr (Lackey) - Torr Up no longer has armor
Looks damn good if you ask me, unless there's some serious stealth nerfs we're in a damn good spot.

Does the first point mean oh toss is less plus? Or is it simply the blockstun animation that is reduced??


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Probably less plus yeah. Good to see nothing else changed I really worried about ruthless After all the bitching


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Lackey loosing his armored launcher and Not getting anything else is bullshit though.
Yea I was really hoping for some buffs to charge. But looks like a lot of characters have less recovery which is going to make it harder to use.

I'm fine with the loss of armored launchers tho, when they weren't punishable it was easy to spam them. I will miss the days of getting 41% off a wakeup :(


Torryuken always a ant-air was very bad. Ex Torryuken was the best option.
I do not know how the jumps were bad but remember that Torryuken of early frames start at 12, unlike Cassie and KL starting at 7.

Some characters have a lot of fast projectiles and others were more polls projectiles.
Ex Torryuken was an option within walking distance to it.

We still have Ex Roll, let's see what will happen.


Filthy Casual
Isn't everyone losing armored launchers though? So that aspect's not even a nerf to Lackey.

Just feels like idk, maybe Lackey could've used something. Slightly disappointing patch notes, but not all that surprising. I hope Ferra Toss is still at least a little plus. That move being neutral is going to be a rough adjustment, I've been spoiled this whole time.

Even if it were like +2 , that would still be useful.