1 Poison Ivy Tip for EVERY CHARACTER

Discussion in 'Poison Ivy' started by Andnyal_, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    i got inspired by the over watch community so i said "why not?" its just an addition with my in depth posion ivy guide... #buffpoisonivy and all that and enjoy :)

  2. DC4-3

    DC4-3 Low tier button masher.

    Poison Ivy can blow up SG MB teleport on reaction by blocking.
  3. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Lol thanks I didn’t think of that . I didn’t put that cause anyone can do that!
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  4. foxof42

    foxof42 Thanksgiving corner game, going ham and stuffing

    I really like this concept. Well done!
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  5. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Extra points for following a logical order
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  6. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    I’d like to give thanks to character customization for have the characters in alphabetical order
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  7. Mr.EditUndo

    Mr.EditUndo Meterburn the Meterburn

    AWESOME thanks you!
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  8. I literally made a TYM account to thank u for this vid (& ur Ivy guide)! Keep it up
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  9. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Omg thanks so much
  10. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Thank you so much
  11. Chernyy Volk

    Chernyy Volk Wolf lord, footsie bully, chronic corner abuser.

    This Poison Ivy free af I don't know why ya'll listen.

    JK. Killer content @Andnyal_, it's awesome that this character has a legit representative that puts in the work.
  12. Eldagrin

    Eldagrin Add me on PS4 if you want to play some games

    Interesting tips, the bit about baiting Raiden’s wake up with seeds is clever I have to say. The Supergirl tip is pretty true sadly.
  13. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    You can also do it with other wake ups like blackmanta or firestorm or anybody else really. And It was the only tip I could come up with for supergirl and superman lol

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