1. Eddy Wang

    Mortal Kombat 11 - 101 Series Extended Pack #4 - Anti - Airs

    Learn about: Shallowed Jumps Kicks Deep Jump Kicks Risk/Reward system of Jump Ins Trip Guard Punishing Also a pumping question which we can generate some discussion around it In MK11, the Jump Kicks lakes longer to start compared to previous titles, having 9f kicks and possible 10f (didn't...
  2. Eddy Wang

    Mortal Kombat 11 - 101 series extended pack #3 - Movement

    Learn about the Dash system and the main diferences in aplication when: Regular Dash Dash block Wavedash or Step in Dash Learn about Backdash Canceling and its applications in Kombat. @Vslayer @SaltShaker @Eldriken @Jimmypotato @ETC Mcfly @LawAbidingCitizen Tried to put as much quality as...
  3. M

    Is my flawless block tutorial bugging out?

    I'm still stuck on this. One question, on the very first bit against Jade, if no block button is pressed she freezes before hitting Raiden and will continue the attack once block is pushed. Is this correct? I've completed the other tutorials, including the ones with flawless block and can pull...
  4. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question - Hellfire Help with Timing within Exuting the Takedown Special Move Kombo in Tutorial

    I have been stuck on this for a while, I am not sure exactly when the right time to press the buttons is (<-+1, 2, <- ->+4) the combo comes out but the tutorial doesn't move on. The backgrou d music has stopped as well. No matter how fast or how 'chorepgraphed' I choose to input the buttons the...
  5. bcfighting

    The Flash Combos & Tips with Marine

    Injustice 2 pro Marine stops by the Body Count Fighting studios to share some of his favorite Flash combos & tips in the latest installment of Hitbox.