1. Roy Arkon

    How to Deal with Enchantress' Hell's Gate with Starfire's Zoning

    After watching a Ranked set video from @STB Shujinkydink of Starfire and Enchantress, I went to the lab to check things out, and it turns out that in addition to Starfire being able to Outzone Enchantress with Starbolt Trait even with Enchantress' Hell's Gate being out, she can also do so with...
  2. Th4tDrewDude

    What Joker changes do you guys want to see?

    Joker is in a rough spot right now and certainly needs some changes. Personally, I want him to play the same, I enjoy his traps and setups, I just think it needs to be much more rewarding for playing such a difficult character. If I could make any changes the first thing I'd change is giving...
  3. Roy Arkon

    Starfire Projectile Tech - Most Damaging Projectile Combo

    As you might've know, Starfire can cancel any of her Specials into her Starbolt Trait, including her projectiles. Well I've found that if you time it right, you can get a 282 damage point projectile fusion from far away without using any of her Normals up close. What you need to do is be at...
  4. MGTarkus

    Meterless (or meter) trait restand off of B112.

    So i was chilling with Bats in the lab today, and it was more than pleasing. I may have discovered some new tech with bats. B112 is normally a knock down, But with trait if you cast trait just as 3 lands it will restand them and it will be really plus. I have found restand setups ranging from...
  5. DanteDemonZ

    Doctor Fate BnBs

    Made a fate combo video, was halfway through making it when all the throw combos got taken away so had to spend time editing it. Completed it now, love this character so much. This version is just the trait combos. Credits to OmGxBdON, Pig and whoever else has probably shown half of these...
  6. CAPsMANyo

    Batman glitch during trait combo?

    This has happened a handful of times to me, and we finally caught a recording of it. Has anyone noticed this? It seems like I'm just knocked out of my combo if the final bat connects at the same time as my grapple.
  7. HappyPow

    Flash Restands/Resets

    These are the combos I do the most of the time. I have tons more but there is so many ways to get restands through 32 and resets thanks to either DD2F2--D1 Ex pound or whatever or even through EX Pound by itself. Enjoy the few example and tell me what you think about it! New combo video under...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Poison Ivy Simple Combos and Trait Setups

    As we all know, Poison Ivy is one of the harder execution characters in IJ2, so I thought it will be good to show a series of simple combos and Trait Setups for her, including some Corner and Supermove combos, and also corner Trait Setups. I've picked Cheetah/Vixen as my training dummy since...
  9. RevonKnight

    Braniac Trait, Chip damage issue

    I am pretty sure I am not the only person to believe that the charge one holds during brainiac trait should not go away by taking Chip Damage. The trait itself has huge recovery frames which make it a bad choice during neutral or even between projectiles against certain characters. I feel the...
  10. Roy Arkon

    A question about Poison Ivy's Zoning

    Just wanted to ask something regarding Ivy's Zoning. As we all know she can both Zone and Rush, but a lot of people call her a Zoner. But the thing is, as I've noticed more and more, the only way she can really Zone is by using the Drill with her Trait, and her trait has limited use, as you...
  11. SaSSolino

    Robin Restand Trait Set Up

    I'm not sure if it was known already or even useful at all, but I found this thing while I was messing with Robin in the lab.
  12. F

    Recorded Captain Cold Videos have ICE noise

    All my recorded videos thru injustuce 2 with captain cold have Ice crystalizing noise throughout the video when i activate his trait. Anyone have this issue?
  13. usceric

    Most useful trait tech upgrade

    Frosted Tips, Glacier Grenade, or Cryogenic Blast? Which one overall is the better/most useful? Or are they all situational? Discuss.
  14. Shogen

    Atrocitus pushblock counter.

    Hey guys just wanted to post this here to help people deal with Atrocitus easier. If you push block anything he does it will drop the timer on his trait. Video for example. Credit to Flawedzilla for finding this out.
  15. Browiththefro

    Traumatize Combos!

    These are some fun, advanced and high damaging combos you can do with Traumatize. Without gear stats, they do from 45-54% damage. The timing can be funky on some of them. Message me on reddit if you need help. /u/BroWithTheFr0