tekken 7

  1. FanTalk

    Mortal Kombat Guest Character For Tekken 7 Season 3

    I just wanted to point out but there's a 50% chance a MK character will arrive to Tekken 7 for Season 3. This is because both Ed and Harada have complemented each other. And in Tekken there's already Street Fighter and KOF characters, so adding a MK character fits the theme. And the Tekken...
  2. TheLeoholic

    viennality 2k18

    It's this time of the year again. But i'm not talking about Valentines Day! VIENNALITY GOES INTO THE THIRD ROUND! Last year was a huge success with participants from all over the world. Still, it can only get bigger. As we grew, so did our line-up. Our main games will be: Injustice 2 Tekken...
  3. MissKanzuki

    Ladies' War III - Tekken 7 (PS4)

    This took place on June 30th and was not only co-hosted by KPB on their twitch channel, but they donated the prize of a $25 PSN Card as well. I'm posting here since the previous Ladies' Wars were on TYM despite this one featuring a non-NRS game. There was a vote I posted on Facebook between...