sonya blade

  1. NickandAutumn

    Comparing more Classics with the Klassics

    We compared the klassic moves that are in Mk11 with the Klassic gear thats available. Enjoy! This was a fun video to make, going through all the old games was cool.
  2. RakeemGTR

    Sonya's amplified air control (patch 1.07)

    How do you guys feel about Sonya's inability to do a pop up from her amplified air control? I personally find it a bit deflating and discouraging as it takes away from her 39% to 43% combo potential. Now you can longer go from air control amp into 333, bf2 or f41+3, 2222 I just wish they...
  3. DsV Fierce

    MKXL Montage -Bombs-

    Since there is a few more days until the official release of Injustice 2, I made a montage of my favorite character and main Sonya. Even though she was top tier and a pain in the ass to deal with for everyone, she still brought hype to the game and she was really fun to play. I couldn't put...
  4. DsV Fierce

    Guide - Demolition Demolition Combo video for this patch

    Made a useful combo video with some of my B&B's and setups that I use in this patch. Enjoy!
  5. DsV Fierce

    Question - Sonya Blade You guys wana nerf sonya that bad?

    Then nerf this NRS.. LOL