1. xxsledgrenxx

    Captain Cold Patch 1.12 Tech & Setups Online Compilation

    vids down no one cared for it
  2. xxsledgrenxx

    Cheetah bf3 cancel setups & Compilation

    cheetah injustice 2 gimmick thread
  3. xxsledgrenxx

    Cheetah Ranked Match HighLights (SLedgren)

    Im not really sure who plays her or who to tag but shes gonna be my side main forsure mid tier at best to me tho
  4. xxsledgrenxx

    Match Footage - D'Vorah Brood Mother - Online Comp

    Came close to top 16 with brood mother last week in Kombat Cup heres a few clips of gameplay seems like play her different every week
  5. xxsledgrenxx

    Match Footage - Brood Mother High Level Brood Mother - Online Montage

    @Wazminator @TopTierHarley
  6. xxsledgrenxx

    Match Footage - Relentless Relentless Jason Online Games (Death Sequence Montage)

    any relentless mains? tag the others please lol #DeathSequence
  7. xxsledgrenxx

    Video/Tutorial - Relentless Relentless Jason - Sledgren Ranked Matches

    Having fun with Ex redscreen setups Any Relentless Mains ?
  8. xxsledgrenxx

    Video/Tutorial - Slasher Slasher Jason - Ranked Games Montage

    Some ranked casuals this month, slasher is fine
  9. xxsledgrenxx

    Video/Tutorial - Brood Mother Brood Mother Dvorah - Online Matches #MKXLBALANCEPATCH

    Online Matches W- Brood Mother Dvorah Bug Setups I think the only matches that were played using the old patch were the first two and the matches with PL everything else is after #MKXLbalancepatch all recent matches nevertheless @TopTierHarley @Wazminator