1. L

    Sindel ( me ) vs Sub-Zero Match up Critique

    Hey there, Just looking for constructive critiques to improve my gameplay with our girl Sindel. Any advise/suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. LoveBites xo

    V2 tech

    Decided that I want to give this variation a go after hearing good things about it, can anyone give me some good tech or links to videos where her V2 potential is shown properly thanks :)
  3. LoveBites xo

    Where do you think Sindel ranks on the tier list?

    I feel she is such a strong character now, after continuously practicing with V1 there was no going back for me, her mix ups are a little lackluster but once you work your way in and build momentum she’s solid. In my opinion she is near the top of the list (A) which I base solely off her V1 and...
  4. LoveBites xo

    Sindel’s Inconsistency

    Is it just me who wonders why Sindel has so much inconsistency with her special moves? Especially when interrupting a string with it. Really hope this gets fixed soon because our Queen is not messing around, she also needs a universal projectile because her game plan with 2/3 variations are...
  5. Vak Phoenix

    Sindel Combo Video (All 3 Variations)

    Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well! Heres a little treat from me, a Sindel combo video. It includes all 3 variations, bnbs, punishes, optimals, kbs and much more please enjoy!
  6. NickandAutumn

    Sindel's Klassic fatality back, Her Second brutality revealed!

    We were farming her tower tonight and got this brutality that is a throwback her klassic fatality! We hope you guys enjoy.
  7. NickandAutumn

    Sindel fatalities + most of her intros so far

    Sindel Frst fatality + fatal blow... Click to view... Sindel second fatality New Sindel vs Cetrion Intro dialogue New Johnny Cage vs Sindel intro dialogue NEW Intro Sindel vs Shao Kahn All known intros so far [/prebreak]
  8. NickandAutumn

    The scene that made Sindel and Nightwolf revenants in MK11

    We had some people ask why they were revenants in MK11 so we mad this video of scenes from MK9 that shows why. Enjoy!