shao kahn

  1. S

    Shao Kahn vs Cetrion match footage in the latest patch

    This part of the vod shows how I play the matchup at the moment. I would like to know how other people are dealing with her nonsense and shenanigans.
  2. S

    Shao Kahn's Easy F34 Kb Combo

    This is a corner Shao Kahn combo that lets you combo into his F34 KB pretty easily. You have to find a way to setup his taunt which could be done if u land a b3 then taunt immediately. I could make a video on how I would set it up in a match if people are interested. Shao Kahns F34KB Combo
  3. Kiss the Missile

    MacFarlane Shao Kahn figure leaked/revealed

    Hard to tell with MacFarlane's crazy ass if this was on purpose or not. But you can see an MK11 Shao Kahn figure on his desk during his Spawn update video
  4. NickandAutumn

    Krypt Event May 2nd Master of The Lower Mines Skin Shao Kahn Returns

    Shao Kahn's Master of the Lower Mines skin and his Wanton Violence helmet return in today's krypt event. We hope you guys are having a good weekend.
  5. SilentEcho

    Premier Tower Confusion?

    So with them running the Premier Towers for each past DLC Kharacter over in a loop I was extremely happy because the last Crown and last Boot I needed to Komplete Sindel came from hers and I finally got them! Yay! :D But now I am totally confused because I still have one or two things of gear...
  6. NickandAutumn

    Fourth returning Krypt Event location containing Shao Kahn items

    These returning krypt events are only live for 3 hours so if you missed it the first time hopefully you can get it now.
  7. Zombie 83

    Shao Kahn [Wishlist Buffs]

    Hello everyone I'm creating this thread because Shao is my main,i love him but, he's actually (a little bit:eek:) out of meta He's not as bad as they say,he got good pokes like s1 ; d4 is a pretty good low profile hit ;a great sweep and a very good uppercut so.. Here my thoughts,let's get into...




  10. BoujieLuigi

    Which Variation Do You Think Is More Viable/Useful (1.07)

    After the patch which variation do you guys think is more viable? Since 1 2 1+3 can connect mid combo now we don't really need db3 as a combo ender. Basically, up hammer and 66F buff or a low special for mix/restand, a second projectile, and 90f debuffs.
  11. KutlessMyth

    Shao Kahn hammer throw pressure? Loop? Mindgame? Gimmick?

    So I was in KL tonight and I ran across a Shao Kahn. Run of the mill and I didn't think anything outstanding of their neutral (no offense). I played Johnny because Shao's hitboxes actually allow me to be plus. Anyways in the MU I found myself not knowing what to do when shao kahn threw his...
  12. A

    Shao Kahn needs mids/ranked variants

    Seriously I love him to death and I'm gonna keep on using him but he needs a little tweaking. Definitely at the very least, a a second mid starting combo. Almost all strings except one start high. So you just get poked or uppercutted every time you start one up. He can't out poke anyone (which...
  13. S

    Shao Kahn Tower Stage 3 Arm Bar Crushing Blows doesnt count

    Shao Kahn Tower Stage 3 Arm Bar Crushing Blows doesnt count I have a Problem, for the Tower Arm Bar, I have to do 100 Crushing Blows. But if I do a Crushing Blow in klassic Tower or in other Towers of Time the Counter dosen't go up. I stick at 11/100, but I don't know how I gt the frist 11...
  14. I

    Shao Kahn Oki Setups

    I figured I would make an open thread for Shao Kahn’s Oki Setups in MK11. I’m still learning the game’s fundamentals so, not quite ready to learn specific oki setups yet but, I figured I’d make an open thread for people to post in and I can learn his oki setups when I’m ready.
  15. Living Corpse

    Shao Kahn needs a Hydra Fatality

    Motal Kombat Annihilation is a bad movie. But even a bad movie can have a cool idea. For those who haven't seen the movie, there is a moment where Liu Kang turns into the Dragon from his Fatality and Shao Kahn turns into a Hydra and they fight. I've been saying this for a while but I think it'd...