1. KIllaByte

    Analyzing Geras' Changes: Post-Patch Review (1/21/20) (Video)

    This little video is a comprehensive guide to all of Geras's changes in the patch, complete with my advice on how you can best adjust to the changes, and how you can use the changes, even some nerfs, in your favor! Chapter Select: 00:03--00:45 BF1 (Temporal Advantage Change) 00:45--01:12...
  2. Tanya-Fan-28

    Review My Highborn

    I have been maining HB for a while now. I have gotten better with letting go of DB2F at the right time. I love using Sai toss, I think its one of the best zoning tools, and Sai cancel is fun to reset neutral with. My main problem is whiffing issues with B231 and B14. That and sometimes I try to...