1. KIllaByte

    Optimizing Sand Clone With Eternal Geras (NEW Post-Patch T3 Setups, Combos, & Ideas) (Video)

    The October update has given us a new competitive variation for Geras, called "Eternal." Eternal's most significant move is a special called "Sand Siumulacrum." It's Geras's most interesting move, and it's certainly one of his strongest tools as well. In this video, I'll take ten minutes to show...
  2. KIllaByte

    Optimizing Frost's Restand Pressure and Damage: (Video)

    This episode is the mark of one of my new series, titled "Incredibly Important Information," abbreviated as "III." In this series, first I show the final sequence, then assemble the individual pieces that build into the final sequence. For each individual piece of the final sequence, I provide...
  3. BoujieLuigi

    Johnny Show Stopper BNB + Ghost Buff?

    Johnny has really high unbreakable damage now with the sunglasses buff to extra hit stun on KB. Corner BNBs (can probably be a little more optimal but a start). Wasn't in patch notes but b34 can now connect with "Say Cheese". I believe pre-patch it did not connect. HUGE for this...
  4. unbearablepun

    Blue Beetle setups, mixups, combos and resets

    Cool beetle stuff to help anyone that needs it.
  5. MGTarkus

    Meterless (or meter) trait restand off of B112.

    So i was chilling with Bats in the lab today, and it was more than pleasing. I may have discovered some new tech with bats. B112 is normally a knock down, But with trait if you cast trait just as 3 lands it will restand them and it will be really plus. I have found restand setups ranging from...
  6. HappyPow

    Flash Restands/Resets

    These are the combos I do the most of the time. I have tons more but there is so many ways to get restands through 32 and resets thanks to either DD2F2--D1 Ex pound or whatever or even through EX Pound by itself. Enjoy the few example and tell me what you think about it! New combo video under...
  7. SaSSolino

    Robin Restand Trait Set Up

    I'm not sure if it was known already or even useful at all, but I found this thing while I was messing with Robin in the lab.