1. S

    A Kollector Full guide ... again lol

    Sorry, for anyone wondering, the video didn't work well before so i had to re-upload it and restart the premiere. For anyone interested, it's gonna go live in 4 minutes and in the meanwhile imma leave the link here. Should be useful for anyone interested n the character =)
  2. I

    Issue with Kombat League (Xbox One)

    So apparently if your opponent quits the application after losing on xbox one you won't actually receive points for beating them. I was fighting someone who was in the god tier earlier (I'm still a grandmaster) and was supposed to get 134 points for winning. I won and after the match it said...
  3. KutlessMyth

    I'm on an 8 winstreak and the last two wins were top 100 leaderboarders!

    Except my stats will tell you im on a 3 winstreak and never beat the leaderboarders because "game session no longer available" right after I win every damn time. Ranked already feels absolutely carcinogenic because I don't use the holy grail S tiers, but now literally 5 games in a row people...
  4. Cheesus

    MK11 Matchmaking discussion

    Hope you all are enjoying the last day of beta! Am I alone when it comes to thinking the matchmaking is terrible? I know there's a complaints/rants thread, but I'm not quite at that level yet. I skipped Injustice 2 and maybe there is no matchmaking in the MK11 beta. When I think of...
  5. fireborg

    how many players in the ranked ladder?

    hey, does anyone have an idea how many players there are in the the ranked ladder? and also the ladders are divided to european and US, right?
  6. Roy Arkon

    Amazing Set! Only Real Master Trophy Earned with Sub-Zero!

    I was in Ranked last night, and I ran into in this guy named Oneofus who used Batman and Hellboy (first time I ever ran into Hellboy, BTW) and I had no idea how good this is was gonna turn out to be, but OMG it was a big one! And the biggest thing out all of that, is that I got at the very end...
  7. YeagerZGaminG

    Raiden Match Videos

    Injustice 2 Raiden Ranked - Raiden vs Black Lighning & Raiden vs Supergirl
  8. SithLaird

    Ranked should stay "one and done". Here's why.

    This needs addressed, whether for everyones benefit or for my own sanity. A lot of people are suggesting ranked matches should be sets and not just one game. I'll get into the arguments put forward by those for sets, explain why I believe "one and done" is the best way to tackle it (I know...
  9. Thorfax13

    Does Injustice 2 Need an Actual Ranking System?

    Hey guys, just wanted to make a little post on nether realms ranked mode. Now I love everything that they are doing with their games but when i go and play ranked matches, I feel like im not really doing anything. Their is no real ranking system, its just a win/loss record which is the same in...
  10. Misky

    SALTY Forcing a lag out so you don't take a loss on ranked

    Okay so I haven't seen anyone discussing this so I figured I'd make a thread to rant a little. It would be one thing if it was one guy doing this but it's not; I've seen at least 3 individuals I could name off hand purposefully causing a game to lag out just before they lose so they don't take...