1. SxS626

    Are Those Klouds? Rain Is Imminent

    Baraka- Kommunity: "Very cool. much expected" (16%) Kabal- Kommunity: "Makes sense, much cool" (17%) Rain: Kommunity: "NEVER! NO ONE WANTS RAIN! IMPOSSIBLE! HE'LL NEVER BE IN MK11!" (22%) How is it so outlandish for Rain to make the roster in some form? He appeals to the demographic since...
  2. tehdrewsus

    UMK3 Revision 1.3 - Saving this for a ...RAINy... day...

    This video goes into depth some on "Rain" in UMK3 in the arcades. @KOHR @McLOV1NS @nwo @Shock @Mikemetroid feel free to tag others. It's worth the watch, I promise.