1. Shibui

    Do you guys think i'm going to receive the Apology Gift?

    My game is arriving next week only, Tuesday to be exact, do you guys think i'm going to receive the apology gift ?
  2. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question - Piercing Double Impale

    I am trying to input the Double Impale combo in training mode andI only manage to get to ->1, 2+4, when I press 4+3 the last animation doesn't come out. I managed to get the full string once or twice but it required rigorous timing for the last input. I guess you need to find th a 'sweet spot'...
  3. badplayer

    Question - Cutthroat Help on Cutthroat midscreen combos

    Hello I hope someone still reads this forum :). I'm having some problems with Cutthroat's midscreen meterless combos. The combo I've been practicing is F212, F212, F4 BF3, for 29% damage. While playing offline I can connect it about 50% of the time. Sometimes I input F4 too early and am left...
  4. B

    The Cleveland Ohio Area

    Hello all! Before I begin, I apologize if there is a thread already on this or if there is another area of the website where it belongs. I am new to the fighting game scene, and I reside near Cleveland Ohio. I was just curious as to if there are events and activities that occur in and around...
  5. SithLaird

    Question - Kuatan Warrior Tick Throws and Tremor setups

    Hi, can someone list me Goro's tick throws please? I can't find any :/ And what is the best combo enders to set up Tremor (dd4MB) Thanks in advance.
  6. W

    Question - TriBorg Sektor main looking for secondary character suggestions

    I'm a fairly decent casual sektor player looking for a secondary to help with his worst matchups. At this point I almost exclusively play sektor. I struggle against Kitana, Mileena, Cassie, and Mystic Ermac, maybe a few others I forget. I've been practicing Crystalline a bit, but I'm not sure...
  7. MrArcher15

    Question - Kung Lao Chain fist

    Is there an easy way to do chain fist? That combo alone has made me not want to play the character since I get it so rarely
  8. VerminatorX

    Question - Ronin Any 4/10 patch Ronin combos/guides/tech?

    Hi, I was going to drop this game for good but I really liked the changes in latest patch and decided to give this game another shot. I`m PC player and I dropped this game in January, so I basically need to relearn. Soo, can anyone share some resources for Ronin?