1. Marinjuana

    MK11 Patch Notes 5/13/21

    Sheeva - Now has 950 health (down from 1000) Sheeva - Slightly narrowed the hit region for Dragon Drop & it now has a set delay time when delayed & 30 more recovery frames on miss or when hit hitting armor Joker - Now has 950 health (down from 1000) Cetrion - Now has 950 health (down from...
  2. Arqwart

    KP2 Balance Patch Wishlist

    NRS confirmed a patch is coming with the November release of KP2. Everyone's thinking about it. Everyone's got their own lists. Are you team Delete Jacqui 2020? Are you team Truth and Light Raiden as S+++ Tier 2020? What balance changes do you desire from the patch that will be coming with the...
  3. KIllaByte

    Analyzing Geras' Changes: Post-Patch Review (1/21/20) (Video)

    This little video is a comprehensive guide to all of Geras's changes in the patch, complete with my advice on how you can best adjust to the changes, and how you can use the changes, even some nerfs, in your favor! Chapter Select: 00:03--00:45 BF1 (Temporal Advantage Change) 00:45--01:12...
  4. KIllaByte

    Liu, 12, and You: A Quick MonkeyBizness Guide to Liu's Most Important Hitconfirm

    Free, Minute-long Lessons to Make You Less Free: Episode 1: Liu Kang's 12. Are you wondering why Liu Kang seems to be the flavor of the month character, and is on the rise in everyone's tier lists? It's because Liu benefit from this patch's universal D1 changes the most. He can now jail into...
  5. Eddy Wang

    Mortal Kombat 11 - 101 Series Extended Pack #4 - Anti - Airs

    Learn about: Shallowed Jumps Kicks Deep Jump Kicks Risk/Reward system of Jump Ins Trip Guard Punishing Also a pumping question which we can generate some discussion around it In MK11, the Jump Kicks lakes longer to start compared to previous titles, having 9f kicks and possible 10f (didn't...
  6. RakeemGTR

    Sonya's amplified air control (patch 1.07)

    How do you guys feel about Sonya's inability to do a pop up from her amplified air control? I personally find it a bit deflating and discouraging as it takes away from her 39% to 43% combo potential. Now you can longer go from air control amp into 333, bf2 or f41+3, 2222 I just wish they...
  7. KutlessMyth

    The 3 Things we need for lao in the next patch

    Please fix this character, he's my favorite cannon character ;-; 1.) Fix the 21212 hitboxes to connect with characters crouch blocking for block stun 2.) an overhead option (it would be great if it was off of the 21 string to keep people from trying to duck under :/) *EDIT for people...
  8. Insomniac FGC

    Deadshot still sucks.

    Deadshot still isn't that great. Giving him temporarily better zoning didn't help him where he struggles. He got 5 frames of recovery shaved off during trait. That's it. The wrist cannon is still 14 frames start up, which is too slow to use as a reactionary tool. His problems of getting damage...
  9. Insomniac FGC

    Possible changes to make Deadshot viable again

    I'm curious to hear people's thoughts about what could be feasibly changed to Deadshot to make him a decent character again. One of Deadshot's biggest weaknesses even before the November patch was his inability to get decent damage outside of the corner without a background bounce. Other than...
  10. standoffstance

    Is Catwoman Dead Now?

    33b2 is completely and utterly useless now. 1f2 is now -2. B3 is half as good as it was. Combos do significantly less damage. Is CW mid/low tier? Probably. you tell me
  11. D

    Green Lantern Post Stream Talk (Nov Balance Patch)

    Hey guys, so the Watchtower stream from yesterday came along with a lot of interesting changes that will definitely change the meta. NRS hasn't really spoken a word about Green Lantern, but I like to believe that they're satisfied about his placement on the tier. However, with of the recent...
  12. 7horx

    Full Roster Frame Data with Previews (update 1.03 - 1.05)

    Hi everyone, After 2 months I finally ended my project and I want to share that with you. The idea was born like 1 year ago when I was playing in Buttonczech tournament and my next enemy was someone playing Goro. I had no Idea tbh how to play against this character and I thought it would be...
  13. I

    Balance Patch?

    Does anyone know for sure if there's a balance patch coming right after EVO? Captain Cold is suffering out here lol. Also, I hope they add competitive koth. That would be lit.
  14. MetalPete

    End of Fighter Pack 1 Buffs and Stuffs

    Hey guys/gals What would you like to see happen to Supes after the next patch? I really only want two improvements: 1. 223 needs to work more like it did in IGAU. That means the ability to link F23 after 223 and resetting Superman to a neutral state when using 223 in the corner. Right now...
  15. Xzyj

    Guide - Hellfire Hellfire Scorpion MKXL post-patch 10-4 New Combos, Pressure, Ex-Hellfire Setups

    Hi everyone, wanted to make a video long time ago, but had no free time to go through whole process, made a shorter video instead, i hope it'll be helpfull for hellfire players out there. Enjoy! @Slips @JTB123 @Mitsuownes @YOMI MITYEAP @Eddy Wang @STRYKIE @Scoot Magee @JINAMOUNAINAI
  16. FMLfirewall


    Attention: WEDNESDAY, at 9pm est, "The Common Cast" featuring TCW|TGS @Mr Aquaman, EVB|ADM @Aqueous_Echo, Shoq|RM @FMLfirewall, @GandyMan will tackle the issues of tier positions, the potential winner of SCR MKXL and revealing more news about the Kombat Cup! Join us as we break down the...
  17. I

    Tech - Tremor Utilizing Tremor Post-patch 10-4-16

    Here's some Tremor tech by bxkeyz614.
  18. WhiteOut

    Question - Kitana Why does this patch make Kitana so good?

    I know I probably sound like a noob for asking this and I could easily go look at the patch notes and spend some time in the lab, but I'd rather just ask some people who know. I realize that the stamina change will enhance her zoning and such, but I don't understand what makes here "broken...
  19. x TeeJay o

    General/Other - Cassie Cage Cassie Changes 10/04/16

    Cassie - Towards+FK now has 20 startup frames (up from 15) Cassie - Getaway Flip now has 45 miss recovery frames (up from 36) No Specific Changes Were Done To Hollywood,Spec Ops, and Brawler Cassandra Came Out Of This Just Fine. I Like It! Discuss !
  20. SaSSolino

    Video/Tutorial - Kotal Kahn The Last Patch

    I'm so sorry for Kotal mains...