1. DJ SLICE 500

    Reptile Nimble Has Too Much Swag Part 2

    New Video this is a sequel off the first reptile has too much swag video i basically just showcase new ideas and concepts ive been working on in ranked matches everyone enjoy
  2. DJ SLICE 500

    The Swaggiest Mirror Match High Level Reptile Nimble

    Finally had time to do a mirror with Ilgenowski definitly one of the best reptiles good games man
  3. D

    Combo Video - Reptile Guide Reptile Nimble Post Patch 1.14

    Hi Folks! After 2 months finally my job let me free to find time to finish this video.I tried to put all...basic,AA,Bnbs,meterless basilisk,unbreables,braking armor,setups,hard combo damage...keeping an eye to the swaggy and the safety at the same time.I am not forced anyone to believe this is...
  4. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Reptile Reptile : Nimble Combos/Setups/Corner Carry

    Here are some Nimble Reptile combos and setups by the always impressive HappyPow. Please read his message and watch his videos below. Yo I've been doing a new video lately, here it is. It shows pretty much what you can do under Slow Motion, indeed you have several opportunities and I must...
  5. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Nimble New BnBs Up to 60%

    Here are the new bnbs of Reptile, the regular combos Under slow motion. take a look and enjoy!
  6. D

    Combo Video - Nimble Reptile New Highest Combos 41% meterless 59% 1 bar(Nimble)

    I think this are the highest meterless for Reptile in any variation and the biggest one for 1 bar into Nimble @OFIDYAN @HatecraftsWife @Badfulgore @WiseM0nkey @Syzoth
  7. D

    Tech - Nimble Reptile Nimble Double Basilisk New Methods Post Patch 1.14

    Found this today in the lab. Swag!Do we have?:D @HatecraftsWife @OFIDYAN @Badfulgore @D7X @Syzoth @WiseM0nkey
  8. D

    Tech - Nimble Reptile Nimble Unbreakable Tech+Max damage X-ray (Post Patch 1.14)

    I think the new balance patch 1.14 changed a lot the way of gaming for Reptile and others pgs.Living without armor on ex-claw is hard and some combos cannot be perfomed anymore.From other side we have a lot of work to do finding new setups.Hope you like it...soon a new combos montage if I can...
  9. D

    Guide - Reptile 10 Thing Maybe You Don't Know About Reptile By WarIsEgo

    Hi I am WarIsEgo,an Italian amateur MK player.I started playing fighting games more than one year ago...I soon fallen in love with Reptile,my main,after more than one year into the lab these are the coolest things I found for it,maybe you already know maybe not. I hope you like the video and any...