1. SilentEcho

    Premier Tower Confusion?

    So with them running the Premier Towers for each past DLC Kharacter over in a loop I was extremely happy because the last Crown and last Boot I needed to Komplete Sindel came from hers and I finally got them! Yay! :D But now I am totally confused because I still have one or two things of gear...
  2. CO-KANO

    Nightwolf is a problem, but johnny cage isn’t. Any tips on this jumping twat?

    It seems im having trouble anti-airing or even blocking nightwolf’s strings consistently. For my kano mains, how have yall beat nightwoof. I get bodied daily by nightwooves. To the point i spell his name woof instead of wolf. Cause they all talk shit after. As for johnny, i see many of yall...
  3. NickandAutumn

    Comparing more Classics with the Klassics

    We compared the klassic moves that are in Mk11 with the Klassic gear thats available. Enjoy! This was a fun video to make, going through all the old games was cool.
  4. NickandAutumn

    NEW Nightwolf Brutality (Pure Guts) AVAILABLE NOW

    Here is another new Nightwolf brutality. Get it before it's gone!
  5. BxKeyz

    NightWolf tech

    Just thought it was cool to use his parry for something other than counter projectile. But you would have to lab because it doesn't work on everyone, some have faster recovery. This tech is good against skarlet.
  6. TyCarter35

    Nightwolf Tech Thread

    This thread is for any tech related to Nightwolf. Feel free to post anything u find for Nightwolf that may be useful! I'll start off with what I've found so far Ancestral Gift Tick Throw Options: S1, 11, D1, D3, D4 (d4 can be backdashed away however) S2, F2121 (third hit can be block confirmed)...
  7. NickandAutumn

    The scene that made Sindel and Nightwolf revenants in MK11

    We had some people ask why they were revenants in MK11 so we mad this video of scenes from MK9 that shows why. Enjoy!