1. NickandAutumn

    All New and Upcoming Brutalities

    We hope you enjoy seeing these new brutalities showcased :)
  2. NickandAutumn

    New Kollector brutality available in the towers of time now!

    New Kollector brutality in the towers of time now for about 20 more hours.
  3. KIllaByte

    Optimizing Sand Clone With Eternal Geras (NEW Post-Patch T3 Setups, Combos, & Ideas) (Video)

    The October update has given us a new competitive variation for Geras, called "Eternal." Eternal's most significant move is a special called "Sand Siumulacrum." It's Geras's most interesting move, and it's certainly one of his strongest tools as well. In this video, I'll take ten minutes to show...
  4. NickandAutumn

    More *NEW* Hidden Brutalities

    Thanks to the community we were able to compile these and make another video on hidden brutalities! These can be so fun, but we spent hours searching and only could find a couple. This one all goes to the community! Enjoy.
  5. BecomingDeath13

    Welcome TYMers

    With the reveal just 3 days away I forsee a flood of new meat to the forums and I just wanted to take a moment here to thank all the mods for what they do and express my gratitude for everyone that makes these forums such a pleasure to chat and communicate with. It's loaded with sarcasm and...
  6. MGTarkus

    Dds vs Sg, MU info/advice compilation thread.

    I'm starting this thread to try and compile all the tech and strategies required to minimize the losing match up that is: dead shot vs super girl. Depending on how you play dead shot she is pretty much your only bad match up. It's seams like a 5-5 or a 4-6 offline but it's complete hell with...
  7. MGTarkus

    Meterless (or meter) trait restand off of B112.

    So i was chilling with Bats in the lab today, and it was more than pleasing. I may have discovered some new tech with bats. B112 is normally a knock down, But with trait if you cast trait just as 3 lands it will restand them and it will be really plus. I have found restand setups ranging from...
  8. Micahl Dickens

    Free Early Access Testing of 2D Fighter, Evolver

    UPDATE: I've decided to simply share the preAlpha as it's a limited trial anyway. The game will only run a limited number of times, but will run for as long as it is open. Please give feedback if you download, and thanks for your time and attention...
  9. xxsledgrenxx

    Video/Tutorial - Slasher Slasher Jason - Ranked Games Montage

    Some ranked casuals this month, slasher is fine
  10. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Nimble New BnBs Up to 60%

    Here are the new bnbs of Reptile, the regular combos Under slow motion. take a look and enjoy!
  11. PND_Ketchup

    In Depth Deadshot Speculation Video - New Intros and Clash Dialogue

    Hey guys! As some of you may know, some more recent footage has popped up for Injustice 2, mainly focusing on Harley and Deadshot. Using the videos that currently exist, I've made a speculation video where I go into detail at what I think some of his moves and specials mean for him as a...