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    Captain Cold Matches (Post August 2017 Patch)

    The Captain Cold community seems less confident after the August patch. I wanted to make this thread in hopes to spread some positivity by sharing and encouraging other Captain Cold mains to share their gameplay. This would give us an insight on how to play our toughest or fairest match ups when...

    Match Footage - Wrestler Jax - Wrestler - Matches Footage!

    Please post here your Wrestler Footage! My games against very good Dualist Player:

    Match Footage - Commando Mortal Kombat X - Kano Commando - Online Matches with FIGHTNOW!

    I asked in my Kano Tutorial Thread about making a separated one with only Matches and people said Yes! Hope it'll be useful and enjoyable for you! So, here we go! Counters FTW online matches)) New Set w/ Commando against my old friend)

    Match Footage Mortal Kombat 9 - Masters Hall - Online Tournament by FIGHTNOW!

    So this first episode of Online Mini Tourney! Lemme know if you wanna see more! Also if you'd like to participate my ids is FlGHTNOW!
  5. UGL Preon

    Mortal Kombat XL: First to 10 Character Exhibition

    Just a random non-character locked Character Exhibition on Stream featuring my (Ronin Takeda, Hunter Predator, Spectral Ermac) Vs Zata MK's (Brood Mother D'Vorah & Hish Qu Tin Predator). Getting Back into the game has been rough but I think we're off to a good start. I'm trying to play anyone...

    Match Footage MK9 Steam - Sheeva Online Matches with FIGHTNOW!

    Also, Please post your matches or favorite ones!