1. DarthArma

    Mortal Kombat New Jersey 03/09/2019 Tournament

    PRESENTING ****Mortal Kombat New Jersey Fighting Game Event**** 03/09/2019 This event is a tournament created to celebrate years of many Mortal Kombat and NRS games This event isn’t just a tournament to us, we want to focus on the community aspects of the local fighting game scene. We...
  2. ShrekForXbox

    Minnesota/Wisconsin Scene?

    I live in eastern Wisconsin, and was basically wondering if there are any scenes for this game anywhere other than Chicago over here. My town's completely dead. :(
  3. N

    Looking for locals in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

    Is there going to be any locals in the Seattle/Tacoma area for inj2? I want to get into the tournament scene, and might as well start out with locals.
  4. R

    Where is the Twin Cities FGC Scene

    I recently moved to Saint Paul for school and I've been missing playing offline for many reason (mostly because i'm super F****** home sick) but also I my RA keeps telling me I need to find a way to be social I play mk for the most part a little tekken here and there im interested in under night...