liu kang

  1. TeknoOdin

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kustoms Guide

    So i have been working on a sort of aid to those trying to improve their kustom variations. ive been doing thing in sort of chronological order so mk1 cast and now mk2 cast..i'm working on trilogy but thought if this could help here i'd put it out there let me know if it helps and if theres...
  2. newmoon

    Liu Kang question

    Hello, i haven't found here any new liu kang combo threads or some fresh thoughts about him. So there is my question as newbee who's gonna main this character. Any good combos/main strings on liu? And how to deal with bad match ups?
  3. D

    Liu Kang V3 OH vs johnny

    I just started labbing the patch and since i play mostly Liu and johnny i tried them out. Presumably the patch fixed some hitbox issues but from just trying out the moves, the Overhead from liu nunchacks whiffs on johnny. Does that happen with others? Am i doing something wrong? Havent played...
  4. CO-KANO

    A question for all the Liu Kangs in Kombat League

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT ANOTHER “I GET BODIED DAILY” POST How do y’all feel progressing in Kombat League using Liu Kang? From my experience fighting you guys, you use the same string over and over again and then when that fails you resort to fireballs and throws. And when you run across someone...
  5. NickandAutumn


    Get your Liu Kang skin before its gone! ONLY ON PS4 & XBOX
  6. Frame-Boy

    Liu Kang Moves Scatter Chart

    I put Liu Kang's moves on a scatter chart. X axis for block advantage. Y axis for start-up. Size for active frames. Not quite sure on calculated start-up for dd1 2 and dd1 3 though. Enjoy ;D -- I am developing frame data application for Injustice 2 with plans to cover Mortal Kombat...
  7. T

    Homage to bruce lee

    Theres a little round ending animation that liu does when he wins in mk11. its a clear homage to bruce lee's iconic balcony scene. The problem is, its done right enough for you to tell what NRS was going for, but it was still done wrong. Liu goes into this wierd T pose and wiggles his hands...
  8. MagicMan357

    Bring back kobra!

    Hell why not! Who doesnt want a ken klone from SF in MK? Lets think up his revised moves: Tornado kick: Tatsumaki Friction clap (stun): like hugo's in SF Shoryuken (EX is a combo extension) Head hops: Like SF4 seth Friction kick (EX has armor a bit after start-up): similar to deejays Friction...
  9. KitanaFanPage

    Mortal Kombat comics by Luiz Mictian

    Luiz Mictian, a professional artist and a big Mortal Kombat fan, has written and illustrated four Kitana tribute comics. Both our beloved klassic characters and the new generation ones star in these stories. What's more, there are beautifully choreographed and illustrated fight scenes. And the...