kustom variations

  1. S

    OrbitHat/Vortex Kung Lao - Breakaway Safe Combos

    Hey y'all! I made a video about midscreen breakaway safe Kustom Lao combos. The video will showcase a variation I don't think much people know about it. This Kustom Kung Lao uses the abilities "Orbiting Hat" and "Vortex" which I think is a good combination for getting a certain amount of...
  2. TeknoOdin

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kustoms Guide

    So i have been working on a sort of aid to those trying to improve their kustom variations. ive been doing thing in sort of chronological order so mk1 cast and now mk2 cast..i'm working on trilogy but thought if this could help here i'd put it out there let me know if it helps and if theres...