kung lao

  1. TeknoOdin

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kustoms Guide

    So i have been working on a sort of aid to those trying to improve their kustom variations. ive been doing thing in sort of chronological order so mk1 cast and now mk2 cast..i'm working on trilogy but thought if this could help here i'd put it out there let me know if it helps and if theres...
  2. dontfatalafter1stmatch

    Question Any Ps4 players wanna practice new character?

    Anyone down to practice a new character by running some sets against my new character? I’m trying to learn kung lao because i’ve realized kitana is worthless and people just know all her flawless blockable gaps and her bad staggers and she’s just no bueno rn. I’ve got too many games played so i...
  3. Truesolo

    Kung Lao - Buff Suggestions

    These are the buffs that I think he needs. 8f spin so he has a legit anti air to consistently stop baraka and others from jumping at him Teleport krushing blow changed to hit opponent with teleport 2 "X" amount of times or with teleport 3 If teleport krushing blow isn't changed then a faster...
  4. BxKeyz

    Lao any good?

  5. KutlessMyth

    Plus ZHat Cancels?

    Are there any strings where doing ZHat and then canceling it (DD) makes you plus? I've tried F1, F2, F21, F13, and they all still seem counter-able. Is this just a forbidden cancel?
  6. KutlessMyth

    Converting off of F1?

    F1 is a great advancing mid, love the button, but I'm not quite sure how to convert off of it from midscreen? I've tried db1 (because df1 doesn't reach after f1), but everything that seems fast enough to connect in a combo after db1 doesn't reach. Feeling kindof stranded with this convert. Any...
  7. ETC Mcfly

    Kung Lao - The Shaolin Return (Setups, interactions, tricks & Tips) (By T7G-ETC Mcfly)

    Sup Guys! I leave my contribution for the players of kung lao with details of the use of interaction in combos, combos without meter, configurations, tricks and some tips that I hope will serve you. For the Shaolin ... *Competitive mode @KutlessMyth, @Saltea Moonspell, @Professor Oak...
  8. KutlessMyth

    The 3 Things we need for lao in the next patch

    Please fix this character, he's my favorite cannon character ;-; 1.) Fix the 21212 hitboxes to connect with characters crouch blocking for block stun 2.) an overhead option (it would be great if it was off of the 21 string to keep people from trying to duck under :/) *EDIT for people...
  9. Roy Arkon

    Video Hidden Hebrew and English Phrases in Mortal Kombat X

    The Mortal Kombat games are known for their weird phrases that usually are just gibberish, but sometimes there some real world existing phrases from several languages hidden in the games. After @Mgo have discovered some hidden English and Spanish phrases in both Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal...