kombat league

  1. Arqwart

    Kombat League Reward Megathread

    Little late to the party making this thread considering we're in KL season 14, but whatever. Moving forward, I'll be updating this post with screenshots of the KL rewards for everyone's reference and as an archive. Any seasons before 14 will be pictures other people have posted elsewhere. If a...
  2. K

    Kombat League and Quitting

    So I'm playing in Kombat League for MK11 on Xbox One and Mercy a guy cause my life was like 35 percent and he was playing fair not cheeseballing.... then QUITALITY pops up on the screen. I message them saying he shouldn't do that he loses more points than taking an L. He replays back Actually I...
  3. NickandAutumn

    How To Get "Frost Bite" Sub-Zeros Brutality to work

    Use Ground Ice not Creeping Ice
  4. CO-KANO

    A question for all the Liu Kangs in Kombat League

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT ANOTHER “I GET BODIED DAILY” POST How do y’all feel progressing in Kombat League using Liu Kang? From my experience fighting you guys, you use the same string over and over again and then when that fails you resort to fireballs and throws. And when you run across someone...
  5. CO-KANO

    Why did NRS think ranking down your progress for 48 hours of inactivity was a good Idea?

    Im a kasual player that worked hard as hell to get to god ranked with Kano and I posted my progress on TYM with videos and streams. Now im back down to Demi God and its bullshit infuriating. Part of the reason i liked God ranked was because i did it with kano and thats no easy feat. Now im at...
  6. Admired

    People are boosting their way to Elder God!

    So I was browsing the leaderboard and witnessed a kid boosting his way to elder god (on xbox). I just want people to know this is going on. People are spending loads of time grinding, while some are cheesing their way to victory for these skins. That kills motivation to actually play Kombat...
  7. I

    Issue with Kombat League (Xbox One)

    So apparently if your opponent quits the application after losing on xbox one you won't actually receive points for beating them. I was fighting someone who was in the god tier earlier (I'm still a grandmaster) and was supposed to get 134 points for winning. I won and after the match it said...
  8. dungeonsector

    Kombat League rage quits have no penalty

    I've been extremely mad at this glitch in Kombat League on PC ever since it was released. I'm finally making a post about this after my past four wins in a row have all not been counting for the dumbest reason: People rage quit at the end of the game. It always happens right before the finish...