johnny cage

  1. NickandAutumn

    Johnny Cage triple head fatality returns as brutality in MK 11

    What do you guys think? We hope NRS brings more stuff like this to the game To perform the original fatality in MK2 you press down+LK+LP+BLK right after perfoming Johnny Cages uppercut Fatality.
  2. CO-KANO

    Nightwolf is a problem, but johnny cage isn’t. Any tips on this jumping twat?

    It seems im having trouble anti-airing or even blocking nightwolf’s strings consistently. For my kano mains, how have yall beat nightwoof. I get bodied daily by nightwooves. To the point i spell his name woof instead of wolf. Cause they all talk shit after. As for johnny, i see many of yall...
  3. MK_ShaquanChi

    Johnny Cage kiss the rings hand wrap

    Does anybody know how to get Hollywood knuckles?. It’s the piece that kollector demands
  4. BoujieLuigi

    Johnny Show Stopper BNB + Ghost Buff?

    Johnny has really high unbreakable damage now with the sunglasses buff to extra hit stun on KB. Corner BNBs (can probably be a little more optimal but a start). Wasn't in patch notes but b34 can now connect with "Say Cheese". I believe pre-patch it did not connect. HUGE for this...
  5. KutlessMyth

    thank you amazon (v2)

    2 things most common for johnny cage mains: Jeep Wranglers and being good in bed. #feelsgoodman
  6. KutlessMyth

    How do you enforce plus?

    So personally for me here's what I do against male characters: After restand (+5): D4 F344 D1 S244 (if they have a 6 frame poke, because online really screws frame data sometimes) After amp fireball(+7? but I've heard people say +3) and after strings ending with U3 (+6): F344 (because of...
  7. KutlessMyth

    Show Stopper Hitbox [Glitch](?) [Hitbox issues]

    I personally think that the ShowStopper variation of Johnny Cage could be his best variation, because of the grounded combo damage. However there's one string that nut-punch links off of that his camera move won't link off of, that is B34. That's one of his best combo starting strings, as it's...
  8. Kompetitor

    The Ultimate Johnny Cage Guide

    I have been wanting to make this for a while, but held off until after Combo Breaker so I could get a lot of offline experience and insight from top players. My opinion on Cage is that he is around top 10 or better, and will be even scarier when his whiffing issues are addressed. Likes...
  9. Moco64

    My friends recent Daniel Pesina aka Johnny Cage interview!

    My friend recently had the opportunity to talk to Master Daniel Pesina about his Mortal Kombat experience, he was a such a kind, easy going guy that he actually accepted a fans request! Daniel Pesina is best known by gamers for his portrayal of Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile in...