1. TeknoOdin

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kustoms Guide

    So i have been working on a sort of aid to those trying to improve their kustom variations. ive been doing thing in sort of chronological order so mk1 cast and now mk2 cast..i'm working on trilogy but thought if this could help here i'd put it out there let me know if it helps and if theres...
  2. F

    Having trouble playing footsie with Jax. How do you attack people who back up constantly and premptively press d4/jump to halt or evade your attacks?

    This has been giving me real problems. Because all my long forward advancing moves like f4,f2, b3 are mostly grounded which means a d4 can stop their advance. What should I be doing to stop this? There will be some matches where I get scared to attack because my opponents are always running...
  3. Cheesus

    Jax Arm Heat Guide

    Hello TYM, I've been mostly a lurker since 2011 and have had a good time and learned alot on this site. I decided to start contributing and helping out with tech. This is my first tutorial so it's not going to be great. Feel free to share constructive criticism, as I want to get good at this...
  4. HellblazerHawkman

    Jax CG Render from Artist Damon Woods

    CG Artist Damon Woods has put his talents to use in making this epic Jax render you are seeing above. Having done work for CW's The Flash, the VR title Raw Data and a whole bunch of other things, he seems to be setting his sights on making awesome Mortal Kombat renders in-between the other work...
  5. SaSSolino

    Match Footage Best NRS Set of All Time: Tyrant vs CDJr (MK9)

    Let's not forget about this pearl. I miss MK9.

    Guide - Wrestler MKX - Jax Wrestler - Advanced Tutorial by FIGHTNOW!

    I hope it'll be helpful! This is my second tutorial in that style. Please lemme know if i missed something ;)

    Match Footage - Wrestler Jax - Wrestler - Matches Footage!

    Please post here your Wrestler Footage! My games against very good Dualist Player:
  8. AcMilan91

    Question - Wrestler Buff command grab?

    I reallt think they should buff this move, i mean his variation name is "Wrestler" and he has the worst command grab in the game, u need inputs, ex version need more inputs, btw if i try hard with inputs reward me with more dmg, and the last one and the most important, change brutality, please...
  9. RoboCop

    Question - Jax Is Jax one of the most "underused" characters?

    I mean "underused" as in, under-represented for his abilities. Maybe "slept on" is a better term. I'm genuinely curious why we don't see more Jax representation in the tournament scene. He's got... 6-frame punishers into 25%+ meterless damage. 50/50s that can break 40% meterless in the corner...
  10. FIGHTN0W

    Match Footage Mortal Kombat 9 Trilogy Edition - FiGHTNOW (Various) Vs THUNDERONE (Kenshi)!

    Please tell me if you wanna see more of TE Footage!