injustice 2 cheetah

  1. xxsledgrenxx

    Cheetah Ranked Match HighLights (SLedgren)

    Im not really sure who plays her or who to tag but shes gonna be my side main forsure mid tier at best to me tho
  2. AshHousewares

    Injustice 2 Next Patch Wishlist (Buff Cheetah!)

    Hey guys! I have some ideas that NRS might want to implement in the next patch. I've made this thread, so we can openly discuss what changes should be made to characters in Injustice 2. Here are a few ideas: Give Cheetah a Crawl Move: (Concept) Make Cheetah cancel into Crawl while she's in...
  3. I

    Low link after Primal Rage?

    Hi Folks, New to the Injustice franchise and the TYM threads. I am having trouble finding how to link or combo after Cheetah's Primal Rage DB2 special move. Has anyone been successful in this? Please see the combo video below at 15 Sec mark. He is able to hit a low attack cancel into MB Deadly...