1. Frame-Boy

    Frame-Boy: Injustice 2 Extended Frame Data App

    Hi everybody! For a bit more than half a year, I've been working on a free frame data app for Injustice 2. Its main difference from other apps is that it gives more information on combos than it is given in game itself. For instance, you can see what is the move type of each combo hit. And a...
  2. ThisLateGamer

    Normal Gear Augments So Far

    There are a lot of augments for every character when regenerated. But they're are also augments that will either pertain to certain characters(ex: Atrocitus's Caustic Blood increases Napalm Vomit damage) or give you extra Credits(ex: Priceless: Worth a small fortune in Credits when Sold). In...
  3. F

    TOP 5 GUILD looking for new members

    This game has lost alot of steam but, We are a top 5 guild and looking for dedicated players to Help us get the top spot.After the latest patch it has been a true GRIND for all guilds and it has affected many of them. We are looking for players who still have the passion to play injustice 2. So...
  4. Y

    Judges of Injustice Guild recruitment

    We are a guild that currently has 32 members and would like more active members to do all of the guild multiverse tasks and share lots of loot as well as getting better at the game. No level requirements. We only require you to be active in the guild multiverse and contribute in the earning of...
  5. Gafar_NN

    FIX THIS PLEASE or I am in fire (The Flash inputs so hard)

    Hi, TYM community, did someone have the same problem? i input b22f3 and get b2bf2:( Note: input shortcuts on (But I still think that it should not work like this)
  6. Nexallus

    All of Robin's Whiffing Issues in One Video

    I know I said One video but then I realized that the worst whiff issue was not included in the video, so I went and made a short one on it. The credit to this video goes to a guy I know as Ree. The point of these are to draw attention to the fact that Robin has a lot of what seems to be...
  7. Cole

    Huntington WV local fighting game community

    Looking to meet up with anyone in the Huntington area who wants to take the game seriously and practice together. I have several friends who play but I am a bit intermediate at the game and they are all beginners. Therefor I have a small and not very dedicated community to play with.
  8. Gafar_NN

    Changes that make the game i2 ideal(my opinion )

    So, I have some interesting ideas, please enjoy: -ranked match mast be like tournament system best of 3 ( you can't repick character if you win) - you can not kill by last hit in block (chip damage from last hit mast be removed) - Super mast have other meter, for comeback potential - Ofc...