1. Roy Arkon

    I am an NRS Trophy King!

    Just wanna share this with you. Two years ago, I got the all the trophies for MKX, when I got with my main, Noxious Reptile, the Dragon King set along with the No Loyalty AND Platinum trophies all at once while playing the Arcade Mode! You can watch that in this video I did 2 years ago, before I...
  2. Roy Arkon

    Mortal Kombat X Goro Fatality Easter Egg in Injustice 2

    I've found an MKX Easter Egg in IJ2, and this one is related to Goro. If you look at the far left corner of the Joker's Playground stage in IJ2, you will see that there is a doll sitting there, with it's head stuck in a cavity in it's chest. That is a direct reference to Goro's Peek-A-Boo...
  3. Roy Arkon

    What is Injustice 2 truly all about?

    I know that this question might be sound dumb to some people and it have been answered somewhere else here, but I at least didn't find an answer to it so I hope you guys can help me. A couple of days ago, @STB Shujinkydink made a new tier list vid for IJ2: But it's not the tier list I wanna...
  4. Roy Arkon

    Leonardo Combo Video - Mid-Screen, Corner, Interactable and Supermove Combos

    This is my Combo video for Leonardo in Injustice 2, I've chose Leo as my go-to Turtle as he is the most versatile out of the four, and I really love versatile characters who can do at least a bit of almost everything if not every single thing, and Leo fits that role. Here are the time...
  5. Roy Arkon

    Raphael's Damage Output is Outrageous!

    I think people already know that Raphael's damage output in IJ2 is huge, but this video that I made here is gonna show how insane his damage output can truly be! This combo does require four super meter bars, and it dose require 11/10 level for Raph's Trait, but just in case you do manage to...
  6. Roy Arkon

    Question Can Zoning be a Type of Offense?

    OK I know some people are gonna scratch their heads by me asking this, and it's probably gonna be a dump question, and maybe I'm missing something that is way too obvious, but I still feel I gotta ask this question, due to some information I got over the past several weeks, so please hear me...
  7. Roy Arkon

    Double Starfire Combo Video Guide - Post September 2017 Patch

    I made two Starfire combo vids, it took me like two days to make them both. Originally I wanted to make just one but then I realized that it will make the video too long, so I decided to split them to two parts. I also gave you the time marks for each type of combo in the vids if you would like...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Starfire Projectile Tech - Most Damaging Projectile Combo

    As you might've know, Starfire can cancel any of her Specials into her Starbolt Trait, including her projectiles. Well I've found that if you time it right, you can get a 282 damage point projectile fusion from far away without using any of her Normals up close. What you need to do is be at...
  9. Roy Arkon

    NRS/WB should bring back the Variation System for MK11 - Here's Why

    I know that some people will harshly disagree with this, and some might say that this topic is overdone, but please hear me out on this one. I love MKX, IJ2 is a hell of an awesome game, but MKX is still for me the best game NRS has done so far overall. One of the things that love about MKX is...
  10. Roy Arkon

    Poison Ivy Simple Combos and Trait Setups

    As we all know, Poison Ivy is one of the harder execution characters in IJ2, so I thought it will be good to show a series of simple combos and Trait Setups for her, including some Corner and Supermove combos, and also corner Trait Setups. I've picked Cheetah/Vixen as my training dummy since...
  11. SMGxPrincess

    Blue Beetle Intros (Dialogues)

    some of them are cringy lol