1. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question - Hellfire Help with Timing within Exuting the Takedown Special Move Kombo in Tutorial

    I have been stuck on this for a while, I am not sure exactly when the right time to press the buttons is (<-+1, 2, <- ->+4) the combo comes out but the tutorial doesn't move on. The backgrou d music has stopped as well. No matter how fast or how 'chorepgraphed' I choose to input the buttons the...
  2. Xzyj

    Guide - Hellfire Hellfire Scorpion MKXL post-patch 10-4 New Combos, Pressure, Ex-Hellfire Setups

    Hi everyone, wanted to make a video long time ago, but had no free time to go through whole process, made a shorter video instead, i hope it'll be helpfull for hellfire players out there. Enjoy! @Slips @JTB123 @Mitsuownes @YOMI MITYEAP @Eddy Wang @STRYKIE @Scoot Magee @JINAMOUNAINAI
  3. SpecOps2013

    Question - Scorpion Should you play unsafe or safe?

    Should you play a high risk, high reward play style or a low risk low reward play style? For example, in Ninjutsu Scorpion, if you wanna play high risk, you can do running b4 into spear, do multiple f2 takedowns or do 114 and counterpoke with Ex teleport. I think that having a high risk play...