1. Biggs

    MK Gold Max Damage Inconsistencies?

    I don't understand how some MK Gold combos cause max damage at 40% and others don't. I also don't understand how a combo that works in MK4 causes max damage in MK Gold.
  2. KutlessMyth

    Show Stopper Hitbox [Glitch](?) [Hitbox issues]

    I personally think that the ShowStopper variation of Johnny Cage could be his best variation, because of the grounded combo damage. However there's one string that nut-punch links off of that his camera move won't link off of, that is B34. That's one of his best combo starting strings, as it's...
  3. dungeonsector

    Kombat League rage quits have no penalty

    I've been extremely mad at this glitch in Kombat League on PC ever since it was released. I'm finally making a post about this after my past four wins in a row have all not been counting for the dumbest reason: People rage quit at the end of the game. It always happens right before the finish...
  4. KutlessMyth

    Teeth Glitch?

    After Sonicfox's numerous complaints about the "Joker teeth glitch" I assume we have all heard of the Joker's teeth glitch. Where he does the teeth throwing animation but the chattering teeth don't come out. However, I've noticed a lot of recent joker players not getting the glitch at all. Is...
  5. P

    Enchantress Potential Glitch and Set Up Problems (Negative & Gravity?)

    Found some odd consistency with these set-ups. Odd thing that the demon seems to re stand opponent on its first hit. With this the opponent seems to be able to block Enchantress's b3 or a followup Batman seems to have different properties for this set up ( Please test because my execution...
  6. Admired

    Supergirl Breath Glitch

    Might be the weirdest glitch I've encountered so far. I tried to do b1 breath and meter burn after. I was then stuck in her breath animation and couldn't move. Black adam's trait might have something to do with it. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
  7. SMGxPrincess

    Sacrifice 250 Epic Gear in 5 MINUTES OR LESS

    I discovered a glitch a couple days ago that lets you meet the sacrifice 250 epic gear requirement in 5 mins!
  8. P


    So, the worst part about this bug, is I have NO IDEA why this is happening. That, or the fact that it consistently happens on this one reset (but not always). My biggest concern is that it could be shaving damage off of other resets, as its a miracle I even noticed this. I was already working it...
  9. A

    Last hit of game not ending game [BUG]

    So I was playing some ranked matches, and as I get the last hit no damage is registered. The game clearly recognizes this as you can hear the sound of the hit registering, and the victory music transition. But... the game does not end. Anyone else experience this issue? Here's the game
  10. CAPsMANyo

    Batman glitch during trait combo?

    This has happened a handful of times to me, and we finally caught a recording of it. Has anyone noticed this? It seems like I'm just knocked out of my combo if the final bat connects at the same time as my grapple.
  11. D

    Question - Crystalline Tremor's Crystalline Glitch

    As Usually I was messing around with Tremor and I found this...I don't know if is already knowed but make tremor and reptile cooler than they already are.When you activing Summon Krystal into Reptile Nimble Basilisk he came out half of its entire.Seems like the slow motion doesn't allow crystal...
  12. UGL Preon

    Discovery Spectral Ermac Desynchronizes All Games!

    I would love to test the new patch out against live opponents but this has been happening consistently. So is this new? Is this found already? What exactly are the parameters set behind this? 1.) Ermac - Spectral B12 xx levitate levitate xx teleport xx Any Normal B12 stagger in which b1...
  13. D

    General/Other - Grandmaster Subzero Clone Glitch Nrs fix this

    My friend CobraLello-92 found this Glitch for Subzero GM.Works in training mode(Lab) and in normal matches...I hope Nrs will fix it into next patch.(If there will be one) Any suggestions,comments are appreciated. Thanks
  14. Messej

    Move List - Kotal Kahn (Epic) Double brutality glitch!