1. S

    A Kollector Full guide ... again lol

    Sorry, for anyone wondering, the video didn't work well before so i had to re-upload it and restart the premiere. For anyone interested, it's gonna go live in 4 minutes and in the meanwhile imma leave the link here. Should be useful for anyone interested n the character =)
  2. S

    A Kollector Full Guide

    Hi everyone u_u i started to make some tutorials for MK or rather, this is the first one i make on the game although i already played for quite a while. It's gonna go live in about 4 hours so ... if u wanna hop in and chat while watching , feel free to stop by and if it starts going maybe i can...
  3. Vastly

    The Queen of Blades: A Kitana Montage - \/

    Hey all, I had a day off today so I finished the edit of my Kitana montage. I have sinced taken a break from the game but I hope you all enjoy it. Still love this community. <3
  4. M

    Lack of good Mid attacks

    Does anybody think it’s an issue how some characters in this game just straight up lack a decent mid attack that can consistently punish people? I’ve been using Frost mainly since the game dropped, but have dabbled in training mode with others and recognized the lack of mid hitting attacks. So...
  5. Feremuntrus

    Post-Stress Test Gameplay Poll (14 Questions) - Meant to Help NRS

    Hello everyone, After reading SonicFox's Twitlonger on gameplay recommendations, I wanted to help NRS out by making a poll that can get the community's feedback on a lot of important gameplay questions all in one convenient place. It's hard to understand how the community truly feels when...
  6. Error404

    Good Quality Sets From The Reveal

    Source :
  7. YeagerZGaminG

    Raiden Match Videos

    Injustice 2 Raiden Ranked - Raiden vs Black Lighning & Raiden vs Supergirl
  8. xX_Atrocitus_Xx

    Green Lantern video

    Best video I've seen of Green Lantern so far. Shows different colors as well. Below video shows Oa Rocket and Turbine so everybody chill...... it's gear! Panic!!!!
  9. PND_Ketchup

    K&M Present - Getting Started: Doctor Fate

    Sup guys! Our latest addition to the "Getting Started" series is here. This time, we focus on Doctor Fate! Once again, this was from a pre release build, and some things may not be final upon release. Enjoy! Click to read more! Sneakily edited/promoted by the Tortoise
  10. PND_Ketchup

    PND Ketchup's thoughts after 4 days of Deadshot Gameplay

    EVERYTHING LISTED IN THIS THREAD WAS FROM A PRE RELEASE BUILD OF THE GAME AT A PUBLIC CONVENTION. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION OF THE GAME IN ANY WAY. Hi all! For those of you that are unaware, @PND_Mustard and I were at the Insomnia LAN Festival all weekend in the UK. Injustice 2 was fully...
  11. SMGxPrincess

    All Gameplay Reveal Trailers Compilation - INJUSTICE 2

    Put together all the injustice 2 character reveal trailers into one video. Hope you enjoy. :p
  12. DJ SLICE 500

    Conditioning your opponent in mkx

  13. DJ SLICE 500

    How to bait opponents in mkx

  14. DJ SLICE 500

    Tips on Meter mangement in MKX/ Raiden gameplay

    So this one is more for new players just some quick tips and some nice gameplay with a good displacer raiden oh and also i forgot to mention optimal meter build. Which ia when you whiff a special move on purpose to build meter for free essentially
  15. FIGHTN0W

    Injustice Matches with Characters that'll be in the Second Game!

    So while we are waiting for Injustice 2, let's remember some of the characters that returns! Heres my favorites: Please, post you favorite returning character matches or footage!
  16. PND_Ketchup

    In Depth Deadshot Speculation Video - New Intros and Clash Dialogue

    Hey guys! As some of you may know, some more recent footage has popped up for Injustice 2, mainly focusing on Harley and Deadshot. Using the videos that currently exist, I've made a speculation video where I go into detail at what I think some of his moves and specials mean for him as a...