1. Max Karson

    Video of x-rays with slow-mo removed for better pacing

    Yeah, the x-rays feel way too slow after the first few times. This is what they look like with the slow motion taken out, which cuts them down to about 5 seconds instead of 12. Also there is a humorous ending lol.
  2. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY's Injustice 2 Channel :)

    Honestly, not to sure if I posted this is n the right area or not. So if not, then OOPS, forgive me. BUUUT I've been so in love with the game that I decided to create a YouTube channel dedicated to Injustice 2! I made my first gaming video Thursday with the tools I have, so i know its not...
  3. Jynks

    Comic Alliance puts Injustice 2 on the "Worst Superman Costume" list

    Comic Alliance have a rather cool youtube chan I have been following for about 4 years. They just released a video called "Worst Superman Costumes" and one of the entries was "Armour"... the idea being that it is kinda silly to have Superman wear armour when one of his Superpowers is that he...