dragon ball fighterz

  1. bcfighting

    ANNOUNCING Body Count Fighting 6 (BCF6)

    Join the Body Count Fighting team at Machinima Studios in Burbank, CA for BCF6 -- a series of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 5, & Injustice 2 show matches where players compete for bragging rights and championship belts in their respective games. The show starts at 5:00PM and will be...
  2. ShArp

    HOLD THAT MIX - Kid Buu's pressure/mixup Thread

    So I thought it would be cool to have a separate thread for KB to discuss and share his mixup/pressure options. Feel free to share your vids, tech etc. Here are some of mine. Mixup and pressure options. Applying those in real matches.
  3. TheLeoholic

    viennality 2k18

    It's this time of the year again. But i'm not talking about Valentines Day! VIENNALITY GOES INTO THE THIRD ROUND! Last year was a huge success with participants from all over the world. Still, it can only get bigger. As we grew, so did our line-up. Our main games will be: Injustice 2 Tekken...
  4. B

    Dragon Ball FighterZ - Mechanics Guide

    Hey guise! Here is a dbfz universal system-mechanics complete guide *WORK IN PROGRESS* i have gathered and translated the infos from several sources. table of contents: -notation -button layout -mobility -health gauge -ki -universal system mechanics -assist mechanics -defensive options -combo...