demolition sonya

  1. DsV Fierce

    Question - Sonya Blade Is neg edge worth it post patch?

    Whats up TYM its ADM Fierce here and honestly I've really been thinking. Is it really worth it to play demo with negative edge on anymore? I mean yes, it is possible to do RC's mid screen off of a trade or in the corner but since the nerf causing one nade to be thrown during a combo has been...
  2. SpecOps2013

    Video/Tutorial - Ninjitsu Ninjutsu Scorpion vs PG Scar (Demo Sonya)

    So I happened to play Scar in KOTH after he came back on SCR ( Congrats to him for winning btw). He was on a 42 win streak when I met him. All I can say his Demo Sonya is as good as advertised. His reactions were also godlike. It was a pleasure to play against him. (P.S. the dropped combos was...